The big NO's of Urban Fashion that you should avoid! Don't make these mistakes when dressing in streetwear style!

The big NO's of Urban Fashion that you should avoid! Don't make these mistakes when dressing in streetwear style! As in any other fashion style, in streetwear, there are also some mistakes you may make when dressing. While the comfort and versatility make it seem like an easygoing style, not everything is as simple as it seems. There is a very fine line between achieving streetwear looks and dressing in an unflattering way. So it is good to know the mistakes you probably haven’t noticed until now to avoid dressing badly.


If you want to know what they are, stay on the EGOPROOF blog and learn about these big NO's of urban fashion that you should avoid. Don't make these mistakes when dressing in streetwear style! If you're ready to dive into this style, read on. Let us begin!


Is it possible not to make mistakes in streetwear?


No, it is impossible not to make mistakes when dressing in streetwear style. Mistakes are part of life and also of fashion. They make us grow as people, and style mistakes, in particular, allow us to improve as we learn from them. This is why today we want to talk to you about the big NO's of urban fashion that you should avoid.


A very common mistake is to think that, because it is a casual style, it is unflattering and you can mix clothes without coherence. In this case, it is the opposite. Precisely because it is a comfortable style, it needs more care. Otherwise, you will only wear an ugly and meaningless look.


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5 most common mistakes when dressing in streetwear style


We recommend that you always consider your personality, tastes, what you want to convey with your style, and how you want to do it. Knowing yourself can help you improve your style, streetwear or not. In any case, we do not want to make you wait any longer. It's time to find out what mistakes not to make in street fashion!


  1. Don't underestimate streetwear


The first big NO to avoid in urban fashion is related to what we already said. Don't underestimate streetwear or assume that it's an easy style just because it's comfortable. Therefore, we must clarify what we understand by streetwear and urban fashion. Without a good understanding of fashion and the culture behind it, trying streetwear can easily ruin your entire look. We invite you to visit the EGOPROOF website, clicking here to learn more about urban style and its history.


In summary, urban clothing proves to be functional for everyday life. Clothing generally consists of a variety of casual items, such as loose-fitting T-shirts, jeans, joggers, and sneakers. Hoodies, denim blazers, and varsity jackets are also common in streetwear. But that doesn't mean you have to mix and match random clothes and accessories to look comfortable. In urban fashion, comfort is not at odds with style. Because of this, you must know the concept well before applying it.


  1. Don't use too many logos


Another of the big NO's of urban fashion is to use many logos! Brand loyalty is a key component in streetwear culture. That is why many streetwear fans can often wear outfits with logos of clothing brands. However, using too many different logos today can result in a confusing look. If you stick to solid colors and lovely patterns, everything will look better. But if you're still really into logomania, feel free to use it in moderation. So don't wear more than one or two logos on your streetwear outfit.


  1. Don't choose the wrong shoes


When it comes to streetwear, shoes are a must. You must learn to choose the right ones. For this reason, among these big NO's of urban fashion, it also stands out not using the wrong footwear. Usually, shoes are the foundation on which street fashion is built. Your street-style outfit could look bad if you don't have a few pairs of elegant and comfortable sneakers. You can easily match your sneakers with the rest of your streetwear for that chic look when you have multiple pairs of shoes. However, having a few casual boots can be a great advantage if you want to vary up your footwear occasionally.


  1. Don't wear substandard clothing


You can’t wear low-quality clothes! That's one of the resounding big NO's of urban fashion to avoid! From sneakers to t-shirts, jeans, and hoodies, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is buying poor-quality streetwear. Where can you buy high-quality urban fashion? In EGOPROOF! You just have to click here.


Anyway, we know that when you go to a store with discounts, it can seem like a great way to save money. But you may want to use those savings to invest in quality items that will last much longer in your closet. If it's too challenging, you can think of it as a kind of investment, which it is.


  1. Do not choose only baggy shirts


Finally, thinking that you should only wear oversized t-shirts in the streetwear style is another big NO in urban fashion. Baggy clothing is a common trend in streetwear, but shirts that are too big may not fit you well. It is better to choose one that fits you well or a little larger than your body so it looks loose but not too baggy. Also, a fitted shirt and baggy pants can create a nice contrast. The top garment should not always be the baggy one.


These big NO's of urban fashion are crucial guidelines for dressing in streetwear! If you are aware of the common mistakes in street fashion, you will achieve incredible outfits that will be a complete success.


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