Moments Are All We’ve Got

Moments Are All We’ve Got by EGOPROOF

August 22, 2022

A few weeks ago, my wife and son were at the Track & Field Junior Olympics in Greensboro, NC, where my son was competing for gold. A half hour before his first race, a fight in the stands turned into a brawl, and that turned into a stampede of 20,000 people after someone yelled "GUN!".

When my wife called from my son's phone and I couldn't hear her over the sirens, I thought the worst. And, when no news outlets were covering it, I went down a rabbithole of expecting even more bad news.

When she called back an hour or so later, when they were safe and far away from the insanity, I cried like a 2-year-old. Later that night, I cried on a FaceTime with my kid, just counting my lucky stars that nothing happened besides a few broken bones and random injuries, and then the psychological trauma for everyone who fled that day.

Those moments - where I'm terrified for what could be happening but I'm thankful as hell for what didn't happen - they're now on par with the moments where I recognize that things are amazing.

I'm not going to be here on Earth for that long, so what I need to do is start looking at the life in front of me instead of a phone or computer screen.

Moments, not double tapped hearts and eggplant emojis, are all we've got. ❤️ - Joel


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