How do I move on after a long relationship?

 How do I move on after a long relationship? When we lose someone, the grieving process we experience seems never-ending. For this reason, we constantly ask ourselves how to get ahead. So, how do I move on after a long relationship? Many say that time heals everything. And while that's true, it does it with nuances. Why? Because each person lives a different process. According to scientific research, the recovery time after a break ranges from six months to two years. However, it is a standard timeframe as some may recover faster while others may take a little longer. Anyway, today on the EGOPROOF blog, we tell you some tips and recommendations you can follow if you want to experience your grieving process more healthily and, maybe, get out of it faster. Are you ready? Let's see!


How long does it take to move on after a long relationship?

How do I move on after a long relationship? You think you'll never get over it when you break up with someone you loved deeply. However, when you least realize it, it eventually happens. You learn to live without that person. But how long can this process take you? When love breaks, it's hard to put the pieces of our hearts together again. Why? Because memories hurt, you want to return to them, and the days and nights become eternal. When that happens, when we get used to the presence of someone, and that person is no longer there, we have to reformulate everything, healing wounds, setting resolutions, and appeasing those emotions that make us so desperate.


However, we can only accomplish this by validating and understanding our pain. The first step to overcoming it is not to suppress it. Either way, there's no one size fits all instruction manual when it comes to getting over a breakup. Therefore,  there is no conclusive answer to the eternal question of how long it will take to get over a relationship. That's because each person needs time to go through this complex and challenging experience. We don't all go through life at the same pace, and that's okay.


Why is it so hard to move on after a long-term relationship?

How do I move on after a long relationship? So far, the time to overcome a long relationship can vary depending on each person since we are not all the same. However, more than one may agree when it comes to wanting to know why it is so hard to get over a long relationship. In general, it is difficult to overcome a relationship because when we share a lot of ourselves with someone else, we get used to that dynamic, and when we no longer have that presence in our lives, what helped us and did us good disappears, forcing us to confront a reality we are unfamiliar with. In addition, there is always the scar, the nostalgia, the dreams that remind us of the moments they shared, and even the quiet desire to meet that person again. Losing someone we love is never easy, and it is a grieving process that must be understood to overcome.


What are the five stages of a breakup?

How do I move on after a long relationship? Getting over a long and meaningful relationship can take time. However, as we have already said, that can also vary depending on each person. In general, all of us who have gone through the end of a relationship have experienced the five stages of a breakup, which are the same states of grief. That is denial, anger, negotiation, depression, and acceptance. 


How do you let go of someone you love?

How do I move on after a long relationship? Although getting over a relationship can be different for each person, there are some tips to finally let go of that person you love, move on, and move on. Take note of the following tips!



Avoid ignoring the pain, overloading yourself with activities, resorting to substance abuse, suppressing tears, and checking the person's social media. Don't isolate yourself.




Accept the pain of the breakup. It requires using various coping strategies directed at feelings and problem-solving to express the feelings and emotions that must be supported by the social network in which the person who suffers the break develops.




To get over a relationship as soon as possible and in the healthiest way possible, you need to give yourself time to feel it, like cry and express feelings.




You can seek reassurance, positive advice, and understanding from experts or people who care about you, like your friends.




You should keep communication to a minimum, limit your use of social media, and remove your ex from social media. That doesn't speak of immaturity. It is acceptable to get away.




When you go through a breakup process, it is positive to develop some skills. Focus on activity and create new social relationships healthily. That is, without forcing anything or exceeding anything.


How do I move on after a long relationship? Ending a love relationship is going through a duel and process where emotional states and painful thoughts are experienced. They are undesirable but necessary. They also force you to adapt to a new reality. How long can it take to get over a long relationship? There is no clear answer to that because we all have the same rhythm of life. However, by accepting the situation, you can overcome it as soon as possible. Yes, time heals everything, but it's really up to you. Anyway, remember that here at EGOPROOF, besides having a safe space that understands your emotions, you also find a catalog to buy urban fashion clothing and accessories. Take advantage of the opportunity and buy here now. See you in the next EGOPROOF blog!

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