Muralist or graffitist? Who's Coolest?

Muralist or graffitist? Who's Coolest? If you are a street art lover, the color of their works, the dedication and passion that each of the urban artists put into their pieces, as well as the background of each one, you are in the right place. Why? Because today we open the following debate: Muralist or Graffitist? Who's Coolest? Stay on the EGOPROOF blog and keep reading to learn more about it and find out which is better! Are you ready? Let's get started!


What is a muralist?

Muralist or graffitist? Who's Coolest? In our debate about who is cool, the muralist or the graffiti artist, it is relevant to define what they are. A muralist is an artist who deals with painting murals. And what are the murals? A mural is a visual work on a wall. Muralists can make murals by painting directly on the wall, pasting drawings, etc. However, it is also possible to see digital murals in the technological age. How do they work? It is possible to create digital murals using a program. It is used in school activities, marketing, or as another form of street art.


In addition, it is relevant to highlight that murals constitute a form of visual expression that can have several meanings. They have many uses, including advertising, ecological campaigns, political campaigns, and sports campaigns. A mural can range from a simple design on a page to a piece of art on a wall in a large city. Are you a muralist? Why don't you wear the best of urban clothing? Shop EGOPROOF clothing and accessories here! So that you can easily distinguish murals, here are some of their characteristics:


  1. They can be made on any material, be it sheet, paper, stone, wall, etc.
  2. Murals are versatile because they support any art, from graffiti to 3D paintings.
  3. They are monumental, not only because they are generally on large walls but also because of each element that can be part of their composition.
  4. Oil, acrylic, spray, or any other type of paint can be used in a mural.
  5. Traditionally, they are done freehand. That is, with paints, brushes, and a good hand on the part of the muralist.

What is a graffitist?

Muralist or graffitist? Who's Coolest? On the other hand, a graffiti artist is an artist who focuses on painting graffiti or spray art. And what is graffiti? In previous blogs, we have already discussed that quite a few times. However, don't worry. We will tell you again. Graffiti is a mode of street painting or visual art. It is considered illegal, but the debate is still open for discussion. Usually, this type of art is performed on large surfaces in urban spaces: walls, gates, walls, etc. In addition,  there are usually more or less abstract illustrations, written messages, and other forms of intervention through painting in graffiti. Stencils and spray paint are commonly used for graffiti. Are you a graffiti artist? You probably like art and urban fashion, so you could start wearing streetwear from the EGOPROOF brand by clicking here! If you want to learn how to distinguish graffiti, these are some of its characteristics:


  1. Graffiti reflects a good sense of design, which means you do a lot of pre-planning in workpads.
  2. There is a high command of the spray painting technique in graffiti.
  3. The graffiti artist must have the ability to work quickly.
  4. Graffiti has a chain of letters as a continuous "flow."


Are graffiti and murals the same?

Muralist or graffitist? Who's Coolest? To continue our debate about who is the coolest between a muralist and a graffiti artist, we solve whether graffiti and murals are the same. The intention and the language of the graffiti revolve around content of a political and social nature from the point of view of protest or rejection. Also, graffiti are drawings depicting satirical or indecent scenes painted on walls or walls in slums, also on avenues, and along routes that people use daily.


Unlike graffiti, murals aim to impact the masses through their expression. Murals depict themes with deep sociocultural contents, where characters and historical events are perpetuated and identified with the people's traditions. That way, the murals are made on walls of private or public institutions within an enclosure. The most significant difference is that one is considered illegal, and the other is not. What do you think? Shop EGOPROOF streetwear fashion here!


Can a mural be graffiti?

Muralist or graffitist? Who's Coolest? Another question that adds to our discussion is whether a mural can be graffiti. Many people say that all graffiti is a mural. But doing work on a wall with a spray doesn't make it graffiti. We can still see a trend in both worlds that is faithful to the original style of names and typefaces (graffiti) and vivid colors and narrative style (muralism). However, we can find many works painted by current graffiti artists that focus on something other than social criticism. They are usually associated with this expression or where the limit between one and the other could be clearer.


For this reason, graffiti can be a mural. Murals are any visual art you can find directly on the walls, so a mural can include techniques such as mosaic, fresco, graffiti, etc. Also, a mural could indeed be graffiti. The difference between one technique and the other will be if it is on a private or public domain wall, where the limits of legality are involved. Do you like the streetwear style? Shop EGOPROOF brand clothing and accessories here!


Who is better, a muralist or a graffitist?

Muralist or graffitist? Who's Coolest? To end our discussion and start from the differences between the mural and the graffiti we have discussed so far, we can conclude that, in reality, not one is better than the other! Both are artists dedicated to expressing and capturing their art in the way they know best. In addition, although the art of graffiti artists has been considered illegal or vandal for a long time, today, they have more presence on the art scene, being recognized as authentic artists. For that reason, whether you are a muralist or a graffiti artist, you are already great! Your art represents not only yourself but also what surrounds you, your city, your roots, your culture, and the society to which you belong. Don't hesitate to accompany your art with urban-style clothing! How can you do it? By clicking here! That way, you access the EGOPROOF catalog.


Muralist or graffitist? Who's Coolest? After knowing the differences between the artistic areas of each one, you can conclude that there are many similarities between the two, so deciding who is better than the other is a complicated task. What do you think? Do you like graffiti or murals more? Remember to visit the EGOPROOF catalog here to buy streetwear fashion!

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