My Lovely Egoproof Cohort (San Francisco, CA)

☕️ ❤️ Update! Say ‘hi’ to the lovely lady who has been by my side and busting her ass since the shit show started in September. I’m very much in the “stay at home and ice my body and do my physical therapy and try not to feel like shit” phase of this saga 🤕 but one of the things that I definitely and immediately did after getting out of the hospital was to pay a visit to my local coffee shop. 🙌 I haven’t had that good and supple bean juice for more than two months, and this flat white right here made my fucking day. 😊 What a treat to sit at a cafe with my lovely EGOPROOF cohort. ❤️ A massive shoutout to the entire staff at @marthabroscoffeeco here in San Francisco. 🤗 Y’all are truly contributing to my recovery and re-emerging happiness. If you can, please consider contributing a few bucks to the GoFundMe that my homies set up for me. 💪 This $500,000 in medical bills is brutal, and every penny helps. 💰 If you’ve already helped me out or just understandably cannot, please share it with your circle. ✅ ¡Muchísimas gracias! ❤️‍🩹

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