No Racism Any Time

It takes a lot for someone to assume they're better than someone else. Like, thousands of years of unchecked nonsense is a lot. What's crazy is that there's this cop-out out there that people who are victims of racism are somehow responsible for teaching racists how not to be racists, which is absolute fn' horsehockey. And horses playing hockey, while a cute thought, is abhorrent in practice because HORSES CANNOT PLAY HOCKEY. That's like shooting someone and then expecting them to perform the surgery to remove the bullet while you stand there and expect self-surgery-perfection. Nope. We've done a lot of work on our own subconscious biases, but to see that there are still so many jags out there who haven't done any amount of heavy lifting to address their B.S. is some serious...B.S. Non-racists need to lead the way so racists can learn from them instead of assuming the victims need to somehow fix the issue and the system themselves. Be better, you fn' fs. - Dad⁠
P.S. Since a lot of people are emailing/DMing me about how to get one of these: Please note that they are handmade and we will not be able to do more of them until November since we're traveling atm. Maybe we'll drop a pre-order or something in October...whaddyathink? ♥️⁠

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