Nobody That Believes In Democracy

#facts 🇺🇸 If you don’t support the right to vote and vote with no obstruction, then you don’t support a democracy. The U.S. sadly has a very, very long history of voter suppression, be it #redlining, #gerrymandering, disapproval of provisional ballots, or something else in the long, long list of purposely skewing an electorate for the sake of power. If you support politicians who practice voter suppression and/or you believe it’s some sort of myth, I highly suggest you read some actual studies about it. Yes, it’s real. Yes, it happens all over the country. No, you are not in favor of a democracy if you blatantly ignore voter suppression that regularly happens across the U.S. in order to fuel a candidate you support. The will of the people is fundamental to a democracy, and that will is shown through equal opportunity for everyone to easily be able to vote and to have their vote counted. You don’t like the “other side” winning? Then, have a debate, engage your neighbors, do things to convince people why your viewpoint is the one to vote for. Every vote not counted is a strike against democracy. Every person not able to vote because it’s been purposely made more difficult for them, that’s a strike against democracy as well. Either support the inalienable right to vote and support an actual democracy, or just admit that you only care about winning by all means necessary, which is not democratic. You can’t have it both ways. That said, be sure your voter registration is up to date and be sure to #vote this year!!!

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