Not Giving A Fuck Is The Best Revenge

Not Giving A Fuck Is The Best Revenge by EGOPROOF

November 29, 2022

Considering I have anxiety and OCD, “not giving a fuck,” especially for revenge purposes, hasn’t generally been easy for me. 🥺 But, it’s getting better - as you may have noticed if you know me - and I absolutely have not given a fuck about a whole lot of bullshit over the past decade or more. 💪 Still working on it, but I can definitely remember plenty of situations when I was younger where I wish I had the wherewithal to NOT GIVE A FUCK. 👀 Ah well, the past is the past, and I remind myself of that when I’m trying to not give a fuck now. 😎 Shoutout to the homey @diegogarijo for always reminding me of this…follow him if you wanna NOT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT THE BULLSHIT. ❤️

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