Opinions Are Not Science

🧬 I don’t like to get “political” on here, but I obviously have recently. It’s because I just can’t sit idly by while ridiculous shit happens. Ridiculous shit that directly affects the health and safety of our friends and neighbors and fellow citizens. I was listening to @nygovcuomo this morning and he was talking about opinions vs. science/facts. They were some very straightforward and truthy truths that needed to be said. It doesn’t matter what your “opinion” is. It matters what the facts are. And the facts right now are that the entire world is in a pandemic crisis unseen in modern times. And that crisis requires all of us to act responsibly and not espouse wild conspiracy theories we either believe in or put forth because of some alternate agenda. Yes, it seriously sucks that so many people are out of work and so many people’s businesses are also in crisis mode. But you know what sucks more? Being selfish and irresponsible and dragging this pandemic on for much, much longer than need be simply because we’re rushing to get our lives back. We unfortunately have to be extremely patient in these times, and we need to be thoughtful of the overall situation and how *not* being smart about our society’s health now will only hurt us in the future. If you really want to bitch about something, stop protesting shutdowns and start demanding that your leaders - especially your president and your congress - support you better!!!! Tell them to get off their selfish and egotistical high horses and do something worthwhile for your country, your community, and your family in this desperate time of need for everyone. If you don’t think about your fellow citizens’ health before you go out into the world, you might not have fellow citizens down the road. Which means you still might not have a job, or customers, or friends, or neighbors. Because they’ll all be sick at home, or in the hospital, or even worse...dead. Be responsible and be realistic and demand more from the people that purport to be your support system in the government. We need to stay safe and we need to stay home and we need to work on this, united.

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