Putting in 110% without tiring yourself out

Putting in 110% without tiring yourself out. Over the last few years, we have seen a significant increase in the cult of always being productive. That may be why you want to know how to put in 110% without tiring yourself out. However, we can't tell you about something humanly impossible because giving more than you can eventually kill you physically and mentally. Instead of that, today in the EGOPROOF blog, we want to tell you about the importance of being productive and not being productive too. If you are stressed or anxious because you need to be productive always, you should take a few seconds. Not only to breathe and enjoy the present but also to learn about the benefits of rest and the consequences of being more productive than necessary. Are you ready? Then keep reading!


Can we be productive all the time?

Efficiency, time management, meeting goals, avoiding procrastination, etc... Being and feeling productive is good because it makes you a useful, prepared person and increases your chances of success. However, excessive productivity also has consequences that if you don't attend on time, they can kill you and eventually will not allow you to do anything. Therefore, any list you read of tips to increase productivity includes a section dedicated to rest.


Several studies follow this line, warning of the positive impact that breaks have and their benefits on productivity. So no, we can only be productive some of the time. Spaces for rest and entertainment are necessary to maintain a balanced and healthy life. How about putting in 110% without tiring yourself out? There is no way. Remember that all excesses are harmful to our health. If you want to give 110% of yourself without resting, you won't be able to even give 10% of yourself to anything you set your mind to.


Is it okay to not be productive?

Are you an ant? No! Then forget the idea of putting in 110% without tiring yourself out because it is impossible and harmful to your health! So yeah, it's okay to only sometimes be productive. In this complicated time we are going through, the challenge of being productive can take many forms. It is different for everyone. The reality is that we will not always be able to be productive, and even then, everything will be able to work and will be able to move forward because it is necessary to rest to be genuinely productive. Different people and situations are currently putting a lot of pressure on us in different ways.


The world, our family, bosses, clients, neighbors, etc., all expect a lot from us. We even demand more of ourselves from the account. But you can only sometimes do that. And that's okay. The pressure we put on ourselves or that we allow to be put on us can be counterproductive. Why? Because we can end up with our integrity and physical and emotional health damaged. What should you do? Calm down, organize your priorities, act on them, and readjust your expectations. Take your well-deserved breaks. They will help you meet your daily goals.


What happens if I am very demanding with myself?

Productivity is related to self-demand. We are more efficient if we do more than we can. However, the truth is that demanding yourself produces harmful consequences. Because of that, putting in 110% without tiring yourself is impossible. No matter what, you'll end up tired and may even burn out. What are the signs that you are pushing yourself too hard? You negatively talk to yourself, point out your mistakes, question your abilities, push yourself more than you motivate yourself, have exaggerated expectations, belittle your achievements, and feel excessive guilt for your mistakes.


How can you stop demanding so much? Work on improving your self-esteem, look for better emotional intelligence management, accept yourself, love and respect yourself as you are, assume that no one is perfect, and recognize your right to be wrong. You must also eliminate rigidity to enjoy life, learn relaxation techniques, and find tools to reduce anxiety. You can achieve all of this more effectively by going to a professional.


How can I avoid burnout?

The only thing you can achieve with the idea of putting in 110% without tiring yourself out is causing burnout. Burnout syndrome is a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion due to stress caused by self-demand, negative productivity, and the person's lifestyle. The World Health Organization recognized this syndrome as a disease and added it to the International Classification of Diseases. Two of the most common symptoms are depression and anxiety, affecting the work, social and family environment. What are the symptoms of burnout? Irritability, impatience, weight loss, chronic fatigue, outbursts of anger, anxiety, low self-esteem, headache, apathy, etc. If you want to avoid burnout, you should know that relentless productivity doesn't have good consequences, and second, you should take note of the following tips:




Only overdo yourself once you reach exhaustion to fulfill your tasks. Remember, your mind and body have a limit, and you must respect it so you don't get sick.




If you made it this far, you learned about burnout symptoms. If you identify with any of these, notify and ask for medical help so you don't get worse.




After finishing your day of work or study, turn off the computer and rest. In this way, you will avoid an overload and dedicate yourself to your personal life.




Do different activities that break with the routine of work and study, and also at home. It is a healing action that allows you to dedicate the time you deserve.


As you can see, putting in 110% without tiring yourself out is not a good choice if you want to take care of yourself and your physical and mental health. The best thing you can do is set realistic goals, accommodate your expectations, and be kinder to yourself. Also, remember that by clicking here, you can access the EGOPROOF catalog, where you can find streetwear, fashion, clothing, and accessories focused on mental health. So what do you think about wearing streetwear as long as you don't push yourself too hard and understand that resting is also part of being productive? Do it now by clicking here! See you in the next EGOPROOF blog.

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