Say What You're Afraid To Say

The last two months have taught me three things:
1. You might not get a chance to say goodbye, so act as if it's your last time seeing them.
2. You don't get to tell someone you love them for the last time, so just tell them you love them all the time.
3. You can only run from the physical manifestations of anxiety and worry and fear and insecurity for so long before they turn into honest to goodness medical problems. Or you ruin every good relationship in your life.

Addressing my anxiety started as recognizing that I was feeling things, then investigating what things caused what feelings, and then putting names to the feelings. Once I knew what it was and where it came from, it made it harder and harder to avoid doing the hard work of self-freakin'-improvement to be above and away from that nonsense.
Part of my own personal journey has been just saying what I'm afraid to say.
Need to tell someone you over-promised? Do it, as soon as you know. Don't stew, just say what is when you know what it is.
Need to tell someone they make you feel a certain way and you hate it? Do it, as soon as you can. Don't suffer for someone else.
Need to get something off your chest that others might judge you for? Do it, tell someone who won't make shit worse. Better out than in.
#egoproof #saywhatyoumean #sayitloud #sayitproud

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