See Something Say Something

See something? Say something. It’s always important, especially right now, that you speak up if and when you see injustices happening, or even if you see or hear little B.S. things that people say. We are all supposed to be a community, so let’s act like one. My mom...and my dad...and my friends...and my better half...and pretty much everyone has always told me to watch it when I speak up. But you know what? I feel it’s our duty to do so. I was born with a justice complex and that’s just the way it is. If we don’t stand up for what’s morally right, who will? Yes, people can stand up for themselves. But an ally is an ally. Listen and learn, but don’t hesitate to call someone out on their bullshit. Doesn’t matter if it’s a friend or a stranger. I know it can get sketchy in the US when you do that, but how is anyone gonna ever learn if nobody points out and tries to help the ignorance that some people have? We don’t have to be assholes about it, but if we want to help things change, we have voices that can do that even if it’s just a little bit. And every little bit matters. Or something. ❤️
#seesomethingsaysomething #goodneighbor #goodneighbors #equalityforall #equalitynow #blm #antiracist

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