How to sleep with a million things on your mind?

How to sleep with a million things on your mind? Not being able to sleep because we have many thoughts going around our heads is a common evil that all people have. Although for some, it is a problem that can occur excessively, becoming a serious issue to be resolved, we can all sometimes have trouble sleeping because we overthink everything.


Anyway, how to sleep with a million things on your mind? There is no definitive solution. However, there are some techniques you can practice to sleep when your thoughts don't stop. Please stay on the EGOPROOF blog to find out more about it. Here we go!


Why can't I sleep overthinking?

How to sleep with a million things on your mind? The purpose of sleep is to rest not only our body but also our mind. A good restful sleep helps us recover energy. For that reason, rest is significant. However, there are times when we suffer from insomnia because there are so many things going on in our minds. That is because we think a lot, and it doesn't allow us to sleep as necessary. Insomnia is a common health problem. It can be occasional insomnia in 24%-35% of adults or more chronic insomnia in 9-15% of adults.


Among the risk factors that can lead to insomnia are anxiety and difficulty emotional regulation. Anxiety affects to the point of not being able to sleep. Why? Due to the physical over-activation it causes, also due to intrusive thoughts and uncontrollable worries. If you are very stressed or have anxiety, these are possibly the main reasons you can't stop overthinking and have trouble sleeping.


How do I stop overthinking everything?

How to sleep with a million things on your mind? The problem with spending a lot of time in our head with our thoughts is that we get away from reality and forget to enjoy the present. Overthinking produces distressing thoughts. A feeling of sadness or fear is often a reflection of those thoughts. Furthermore, it decreases energy, limits creativity, and causes sleep problems. At first, we mentioned that there is no absolute solution to the problem, especially if we overthink and don't go to a professional. However, here are some techniques you can try to stop overthinking everything. Let's see!




Being mindful is the first step to stop overthinking. Pay attention to your thoughts, and when you find yourself reliving events in your mind constantly, or worrying about things you can't control, acknowledge that they are not productive. That way, little by little, they will leave your mind, and you can sleep.




It's easy to get carried away by negative thoughts. Learn to recognize that your thoughts may be overly pessimistic, and try to see the positive side. That doesn't necessarily mean that there is something good, but it does mean that there will always be an experience that will help you grow. Try to see it.




It is impossible to relive yesterday or worry about tomorrow when living in the present. Commit to becoming more aware of the here and now. Be thankful even for the little things that happen in your day to day. That will help you connect more with you and your around.


Can overthinking go away?

How to sleep with a million things on your mind? Not being able to sleep because we overthink is a problem you can solve little by little. That is, in the same way that overthinking can disappear. If you are going through a very stressful situation that makes you think about everything and doesn't let you sleep, you can follow the following tips to overcome this problem.


  1. Adopt a proactive attitude, get out of obsessive thinking or passive reflection on problems or your current situation. Later, try to recover contact with other perspectives of the same reality.
  2. Identify what is the main fear or source of discomfort that is activating your excessive thoughts. Is it related to something in the past, present, or future? Can you change the situation? If the answer is affirmative, orient yourself toward the possible solutions. Otherwise, be ready to let go of what doesn't depend on you and focus on what does depend on you. Remember that what you can't control is not worth your attention.
  3. Go for a walk or exercise. That will help you change the course of your thoughts, allowing a new approach to the situation.
  4. Write down your thoughts. It allows for organizing and structuring thoughts and clarifying the reasons or functions causing excessive thinking.


How can I sleep with a lot of thoughts?

How to sleep with a million things on your mind? In addition to the tips above, here are other tips to help you sleep when millions of thoughts are eating your mind. However, remember that if you can't even carry out these tips, you can't sleep because you think a lot; it's time to see a professional.




Deep breathing calms the body and mind. This method is easy to use before you sleep and when you wake up in the middle of the night. Changing the rhythm of your breathing slows your heart rate, lowers your blood pressure, and allows you to rest, helping you tune out worry, anxiety, and overthinking.




Meditation is a centuries-old method to calm the body and mind. It can help perfectionists stop judging themselves and can help reduce pain, addictive disorders, and depression.



Visualization helps sleep. What does it consist of? Imagine a quiet and peaceful place in your mind and fill it with specific objects, colors, and sounds. People who visualize in detail can successfully push unwanted thoughts out of their minds.


How to sleep with a million things on your mind? Although we know that it is not easy to fall asleep in a whirlwind of intrusive thoughts caused by stress or anxiety, you should know that there are techniques that can help you sleep when you can't stop thinking. You must cope with this situation since becoming repetitive can affect your sleep routines, and not sleeping can cause health problems. However, remember that you can best go to a professional if you need more than these techniques.


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