So, About Those Mushrooms (Fort Collins, CO)

So, About Those Mushrooms (Fort Collins, CO) by EGOPROOF

December 19, 2022

A while back, a good homey 🥰 gave some mushrooms to Ang and me so we could do some micro-dosing. 🍄 We forgot about them. 🤷 We remembered again and put aside Saturday to do them all and hopefully at least gain a moment of clarity. 😶‍🌫️ The shit was expired or something. 😐 Not one fucking bright light the whole day. 💡 Womp womp. So, we did what any semi-normal human would: We went to the bars, had surprisingly reasonable conversations with some conservatives 🧐 got lit up on doubles all night 😵‍💫 and then Ang lost her favorite hat and I found it in the street on Sunday. 🎩 So anyway, how was your weekend? 🤐 Post-up from Fort Collins, CO. ❤️

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