Stay Safe, Stay Home

😡 It’s rant time! Apparently, some - no, lots - of people are being total jackasses. After being infuriated by reading about or watching the smug ignorance and delusion of so many people, I just had to post this. If you’re one of the smart ones, I applaud you. 👏 If you’re a jackass going on vacation, or traveling two hours to shop, or bragging about not social distancing on social media, or, even worse, participating in a stupid-ass rally in your state capital, I’m here to say that you’re being profoundly selfish and obstinate and arrogant and ignorant and you will eventually make this all worse for everyone. Stay safe, stay home, don’t be a selfish asshole. It’s not about MUH LIBERTEES. It’s about common sense and the greater good. We can do this! 💪 Extra shoutout to all the healthcare workers and retail employees and other essential staff for doing your part in the midst of all this. You are all true heroes. 👩‍⚕️

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