Which street artists have collaborated in fashion?

Which street artists have collaborated in fashionFashion trends are unstoppable. We can continually see how one appears after another, surpassing the previous one. However, one of the most relevant trends that always stay in style is focused not on the consumer but on the brands. Do you know what we're talking about? We talk about collaborations between brands! Without a doubt, collaborations allow fashion brands to work together with other renowned brands to launch collections that can guarantee complete success for both brands.


Also, we can often see how fashion and art blend into one in collabs. Such is the example of the well-known and beloved Luis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama collection. But have you ever wondered which street artists have collaborated in fashion? Yes, there are a few, and you can get some surprises. Stay at EGOPROOF to know what street artists have collaborated in fashion. Scroll down and keep reading!


What are fashion collaborations?

Let's talk a bit about fashion collaborations before we meet the street artists who have collaborated in fashion. Fashion collaborations are one of the levers brands employ to surprise consumers, get their attention, and attract more people to stores. What would previously have been considered a debilitating luxury brand is now seen as something that enriches it. For this reason, a fashion collaboration is also a commercial dialogue between brands, the values that define it, and their legacy. In fashion collaborations, anything is possible. It is a territory where brands can experiment and mix their ideas to create trendy collections. Street fashion brands like Supreme use fashion collaborations. They end in resounding success. Do you like street fashion? Here at EGOPROOF, you find everything you need. From clothing to accessories ideal for your streetwear!


Why do fashion brands do collaborations?

Have you ever wondered why brands do collaborations? We mean, why do street artists collaborate in fashion? The answer to both questions is the same. Fashion brands decide to collaborate in favor of design. But also to increase sales, fusing styles and personalities that fit into more people's tastes. Single-handedly, fashion brands can make an impact season after season with each of their shows. But what happens when two creative minds come together and present a collection?


They generate a collection that stands out above many others, also being a financial success. However, for that to be possible, for a collaboration between brands or brands and designers or artists to be successful, they must share the same values, target, and vision. That is, they must be compatible. Otherwise, it will not be a successful collaboration. If you like street fashion and want to wear clothes and accessories from a brand focused on mental health care, that is, products from a new brand, your opportunity is here! EGOPROOF suits you to dress in fashion while adding to a relevant and modern cause.


What is a good example of fashion collaboration?

On our way to continue learning about the street artists who have collaborated in fashion, we will discover three good examples of street fashion collaborations. But first, we remind you that if you want to wear street fashion and need help knowing where to buy, the EGOPROOF brand has a catalog available that you can access by clicking here! Are you ready to learn examples of good fashion collaborations? Let's see!



The luxury brand + streetwear formula is one of the most powerful we can find in the fashion world. Kim Jones and Jordan Brand redesigned the iconic Air Jordan in gray color —considered by Christian Dior as the favorite of elegance. Along with the shoes, the designer created a capsule collection that included a blazer, bomber jackets, sweatshirts, shorts, and accessories.




The New York luxury firm has collaborated with different brands taking streetwear to another level. For its 25th anniversary, the street brand collaborated with Swarovski and unveiled its basic white t-shirt with a red logo at the center made up of 1,201 hand-set crystals. One of the most important collaborations for the brand was the one it did with Louis Vuitton in 2017, where the famous LV monogram was stamped on sportswear launched by Supreme. As a result of this collaboration, one of the garments could be resold for up to ten times its original price.




Stüssy is one of the veteran staple brands in the wardrobe of every street style lover. This fashion giant teamed up with BAPE to introduce us to another highly varied clothing line with quite a colorful visual design. Under the name of ILL COLLABORATION, the two brands caught the eye of all street fashion.


How do the two brands collaborate?

We are getting closer to knowing the street artists who have collaborated in fashion. However, we can only do it by knowing how two brands or a brand and an artist collaborate. First of all, we must mention that the collaboration between brands is also called co-branding. And what is that? It is a marketing technique that consists of two or more brands collaborating to offer a single service or product for a limited time. Thus, both can improve their profitability and positioning thanks to the power of the combined brand. But how do they do it? Brands must share the same values and targets. They must complement each other, must specify what they want to achieve, as this will determine the compatible brands and the collaboration strategy, and they must clearly define all marketing, legal and financial aspects. Do you like street fashion? Then take advantage of the opportunity and access the EGOPROOF catalog here. Shop streetwear clothing and accessories from the emerging urban brand EGOPROOF, making a difference in the marketplace through its focus: mental health.


Top 3 street artists with a fashion collaboration

And after this quick little guide on collaboration between brands and brands and artists, it's time to meet three street artists who have collaborated in fashion. Let's get started!




Although he is no longer with us, Basquiat is a significant representative of street art, and the Komono brand is aware of it. Thanks to that, a tribute watch collection in honor of Basquiat was created. This collection brings the artist's forward-thinking aesthetic to the fashion accessories world. Komono and the Basquiat heritage collaborated to create a unique art collection of watches at an affordable price. Additionally, each watch features a distinctively patterned fabric strap depicting a different detail from a particular Jean-Michel Basquiat painting. That guarantees that no watch is the same. This collaboration was a success that led all fans of Basquiat's art to remember his legacy in the urban art world.




Taiwanese-American visual street artist James Jean signed a special collaborative collection with The Hundreds. The two came together in a one-of-a-kind limited collection. It included a line of custom hats, t-shirts, hoodies, and skateboards featuring the artistic vision of James Jean.




Louis Vuitton has been well-known for collaborating with international street artists on its Artist Scarf collection for many years. The brand launched three successful editions that brought together famous street artists with one goal, to design their own Louis Vuitton scarves. The French fashion label invited Kenny Scharf, André Saraiva, and INTI, among others, to adorn the scarves in their signature styles.


Which street artists have collaborated in fashion? The fashion and art worlds merge into one also when it comes to collaborations. Thanks to that, urban fashion is also present on the catwalks of important haute couture houses. Which of these collaborations has been your favorite? Remember to visit the EGOPROOF catalog by clicking here to buy street fashion with a unique and innovative approach, such as mental health care. See you in the next EGOPROOF blog!

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