How is street fashion taking over luxury brands?

How is street fashion taking over luxury brands? The popularity of street fashion is so great that its scene has expanded since you can't only find people wearing this fashion on the streets. Streetwear has evolved so much and has reached such an immense point of fame that we can now see Haute fashion brands including streetwear pieces in their collections. But how is street fashion taking over luxury brands? If you love street fashion as much as we do, you'll surely like to know the secret behind the presence of streetwear on the haute couture catwalks. Stay at EGOPROOF to learn more about this and verify that street fashion is a phenomenon that transcends the streets. Are you ready? Let's see!


How did streetwear become a luxury?

How is street fashion taking over luxury brands? It is necessary to discuss how streetwear has become a luxury today to answer our starting question. Previously, designers dictated what trends hit the runway, shoppers determined what styles hit the store, and magazine publishers told consumers what to buy next season. However, today and thanks to urban fashion, there is a different approach. Now it is the buyers themselves who drive the trends. When these buyers are streetwear lovers, the trends that stand out are urban fashion. Thanks to that, luxury brands adopted streetwear dress codes.


They also understood that urban fashion is full of authenticity. Why? Because most streetwear buyers need more money to buy luxury brand clothing, so many street experimenters take the risk of creating fresh and sustainable designs by improvising and imbuing their designs with creativity. An example would be t-shirts. We all know they are comfortable clothes, but when combined with artistic colours and prints, they become stylish t-shirts. Streetwear is a combination of the authentic with the elegant. After the luxury brands understood this, betting on garments of this style was safe. Do you want to buy urban fashion from EGOPROOF? Click here to access the catalogue!


How has streetwear influenced fashion?

How is street fashion taking over luxury brands? It does so, thanks to the influence it exerts on fashion. And how does streetwear influence fashion? It is another important question when we want to understand how urban fashion takes over luxury brands. There is no doubt that streetwear has become a significant force in the fashion industryThanks to that, streetwear has influenced haute fashion brands, high-end designers, and major retailers to embrace street style, which can also be a fusion of different styles. The reason? Streetwear can combine classic garments such as jeans or turtleneck shirts with logos and unconventional brand elements, thus achieving distinctive clothing and accessories. Understanding this, haute couture brands incorporate streetwear garments into their collections. In addition, streetwear doesn't have an expiration date, so its presence in fashion and trends promises to last for years. Click here to buy streetwear from the EGOPROOF brand!


Why is streetwear so big?

How is street fashion taking over luxury brands? Thanks to its popularity and fame, streetwear is something big today, so much so that haute couture houses consider it one of their favourite fashion trends. But why is urban fashion so big? It is a fashion that is here to stay, so we can continue enjoying it for many more years. Regardless of the season, urban fashion is consolidated once again through a fresh, comfortable, and fashionable style, responding to each person's needs, tastes, and daily life. 


In addition, since its inception, it has been influenced by artistic movements, such as music and dance. In this sense, for some people, this represents a lifestyle and a unique way of dressing without leaving aside their identity, roots, or passions. For this reason, streetwear is a style that connects with yourself and what surrounds you, with your city of origin. Do you want to wear urban fashion? EGOPROOF is the ideal option for you. Buy here!


Why streetwear is becoming so popular?

How is street fashion taking over luxury brands? Another correct answer to that question is thanks to its popularity. Fashion experts say that since its inception, street fashion has remained among the favourites of many consumers, thanks to the fact that most are followers of popular culture. These people like to dress fashionably but comfortably, and they get that perfect combination more safely in street-style outfits. In addition, one of the main targets of urban fashion is young people, especially those who seek to fit in and belong to a place. Thanks to them, urban fashion proposals don't end. Instead, they multiply. With this, Korean fashion is becoming increasingly popular, being the favourite option for many to dress with style without sacrificing comfort. Do you want to wear street fashion? At EGOPROOF, you get it! You have to click here.


How is street fashion taking over luxury brands? There are several factors involved that allow urban fashion to take over luxury brands. However, its popularity and influence in the market have allowed it to position itself among the big brands, even reaching the haute couture catwalks. Without a doubt, we are facing an unstoppable fashion that is growing day by day with such magnitude that we will continue to see it among the favourites for a long time to come. Do you like urban fashion? Remember that you can wear streetwear clothes and accessories just by clicking here. That way, you access the EGOPROOF catalogue, where you will find everything you need to wear a street style. See you in the next EGOPROOF blog!

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