The Struggle Is Real (Fort Collins, CO)

The Struggle Is Real (Fort Collins, CO) by EGOPROOF

August 28, 2022

I've been looking at days like 1's or 0's lately. Good or meh. Yay or whatever. I know that going through the BS days makes the great days feel greater, but what happens when everything is BS and then just gets BSier? Am I supposed to find silver linings in skidmarks? Be thankful I'm not dead? BS is a definite struggle, not going to blow smoke up your p-holes.⁠

The only real thing keeping me grounded at the moment is the idea that I'm experiencing all this stupidly hard BS to prepare myself for something miraculous. Like, the planet is spitting down on me and my friend, fam, from wherever planets spit down on humans from, and instead of the spit drying up, some of us are drowning. Am I supposed to grow fins or gills or some shit?⁠
However I get the hell through the next chapter, alls I'm leaning on is that I have no idea how I got this far in the first place. I know looking in the rearview isn't productive, but sometimes it's important to see how fn far you've fn come. - Joel ❤️⁠
(A get-up from winter back in Fort Collins, CO.)⁠
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