The Struggle Is Real (Louisville, KY)

The Struggle Is Real (Louisville, KY) by Egoproof

December 09, 2021

✊️ I’m not out bombing or painting for obvious reasons right now (see previous posts to catch up) 🤕 but I have a stash of photos from before death tried to pull me down. 🚫 ☠️ I figure this one is apt given my situation, and I often look at this particular saying, or I think about it, to remind me that my situation doesn’t have to try to drag me into negativity. 😎 And, I hope it’s also something that helps people out when they see it, be that on social media or in the streets. 🙌🙌🙌 Fun fact: 90% of what we bomb is removable so anyone can take them home. I love that idea, but I also am not a kid anymore and I don’t like fucking up people’s property with our ideas. 🤷 👴🏻 All that said, I wanna thank each and every one of you for your support throughout this madness. 🙏 If you can swing it, please and consider donating to the GoFundMe for my $500,000 in medical bills. ❤️‍🩹💰 Shoutout to all you homies going through some bullshit, too. Much love…The struggle is real, but so is hope. ✌️ ❤️

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