Things We Don't Say: Craft Beer For Mental Health

First one in the wild! We created the label for Things We Don’t Say: Craft Beer For Mental Health, and breweries have started rolling out their yum yums! Over 150 craft breweries have signed up to brew this beer to support mental health awareness in the craft beer world. On the right side of the can, one will find all the pertinent crisis lines as well as a QR code to see help info and resources online. This is a major effort put forth for an industry and culture that doesn’t talk nearly enough about mental health.

If you want your favorite brewery to sign up, tell them to check out @craftbeerformentalhealth on Instagram or visit the site at

We’re honored to be a part of this initiative!!! Major shouts to all those involved in the creation of TWDS as well as all the breweries who are participating for a good and definitely necessary cause. ❤️



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