Street fashion guide: 5 tips to stylize urban fashion

Street fashion guide: 5 tips to stylize urban fashion. Street style is a fun, carefree and relaxed way to express your personality. But the trends change easily and very fast. In this way, even everyday life can alter the characteristic elements of urban fashion. Social, political and cultural phenomena can influence as well. 


Streetwear take inspiration from many areas of urban life, such as street art, hip-hop, or skateboarding. Chill out if you want to wear this style but have yet to learn how. Don't worry because you can learn how to do it with EGOPROOF. Today we present to you the Street fashion guide: 5 tips to stylize urban fashion. Are you ready? Let us get started!



What is street fashion?


In our street fashion guide, it is necessary to explain better what this style consists of. First, it is essential to clarify that urban fashion refers to the clothing you can wear daily. Based on these concepts, urban trendy clothes are about comfort and resistance to use and movement within the city. It is a comfortable but always innovative style.


In addition, urban fashion has its origin in the streets. Street fashion takes inspiration from urban tribes or musical movements that are on the rise. Urban fashion tries to combine different everyday expressions and tastes. For example, hip-hop, rock, and punk inspire streetwear styles.


A relevant fact about street fashion is that it considers fashion as something imposed and created by haute couture designers. Urban fashion, on the other hand, is born in the streets, in people's daily clothes. It is a fashion that goes against established standards.


Also, urban fashion is characterized by being the complete opposite of high fashion while at the same time being part of the identity of those who generated it.


This trend results from the community and the historical moment it is born. It is a reflection of the underground movement of a city. For that reason, the garments you get at EGOPROOF are ideal for street fashion in a society that is increasingly aware of mental health. Our garments carry a message while looking stunning in style.


What garments characterize street fashion?


It would not be a street fashion guide if we did not mention the garments that stand out the most in this style. In its search for authenticity, urban fashion uses a variety of textures, details, and accessories. Because of that, urban fashion tends to combine different shades depending on the objective they pursue. The designs in the garments focus on a youthful public. 


In street style, there is an abundance of bomber jackets, ripped jeans, and patterned T-shirts. A logical combination is created with all these garments because urban fashion doesn't mean messy or dowdy.


However, only some people who bet on this look the same. The idea is not to be uniform. You can look unique by showing some of your personality when dressing. It means you can add cute details if that is your personality, or you can add more grunge details if that's what you prefer. If you need garments that fit the urban style, here at EGOPROOF, you get the best options for street fashion.


Is urban fashion unisex?

One of the most recurring questions about urban fashion is whether it is unisex. In our street fashion guide, you will find the answer. Yes, street fashion is genderless.


Lovers of this style prefer comfort and breaking established patterns. The differences between the sexes in street style are very blurred. You can find street fashion garments that work for both men and women.


Oversized t-shirts or sweatshirts with slogans, tracksuits, hats with a visor, beanies, jeans, and sneakers are perfect for streetwear. The hoodies and shirts you get here at EGOPROOF fit perfectly, regardless of your gender.


How can I style street fashion?


After going through several definitions and clarifying some doubts, it is time to present the five tips to stylize urban fashion in our street fashion guide. Let's find out the tips that will help you on the path to expressing your personality through one of the most comfortable styles.


Urban fashion guide




The first tip to stylize urban fashion is to mix colors. Every time we get dressed, we do everything possible to match the colors we use or look good if they are opposite.


You can mix similar colors, like a dark blue with a lighter one, or a beige with brown. If you want to combine opposite colors, you can mix yellow and blue, green and pink. Also, you should choose one shade of the primary colors to combine three colors or more. Orange with purple and green, for example.




It is significant to create contrast when it comes to styling urban fashion. For this reason, it is part of our street fashion guide.


If you want a look of opposite colors, focus on the sweatshirt. Or the t-shirt and the pants. Also, you can wear black pants and a top in white. It is a classic combination, not risky, with which you will look quite good. If you do not have garments that fit this color and style, EGOPROOF has a variety of garments available!


Also, we must remember that black is basic in street style. It is better sometimes you use it in lower garments such as jeans, cargo pants, joggers, and so forth. We must admit that in the jackets it looks great and in one or another combination where the shirt is the one that wears this tone. So no matter how you wear black, you can achieve a contrast if you choose the right clothes.




Although black is one of the favorite colors of street style, that doesn't mean you can't use other shades. Urban fashion recognizes the importance of expressing oneself also through colors. For this reason, we highlight monochrome looks as a tip to stylize urban fashion in our street fashion guide.


Although white is another fundamental tone of the urban fashion, this little is perceived in the outfits because its function is more than anything complimentary. It is a neutral color. Also, it works as a wild card in the closet of those who prefer streetwear. You can easily mix it with other colors, such as green, yellow, and orange. 




Street fashion is comfortable, but that is not synonymous with dowdy. For that reason, the combinations must be logical. It is an essential tip to stylize urban fashion. The choice of clothing for an urban look is less complicated than in the rest of the styles. It mixes urban basics, such as jackets, pants, sportswear, sneakers, and accessories. This style stands out for its simplicity.




And the last tip to stylize urban fashion in our street fashion guide is to consider the basics of this style. Jeans, oversized pants and shirts, hats, sunglasses, cardigans, sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets, and sneakers are basic garments you need in your street style.


Whether you are a man or a woman, in theory, the garments are the same. Regardless of your gender, these ideas can help you to go out and enjoy the city atmosphere. We know that these are wardrobe staples for both genders. What varies are the cuts, colors, and some patterns. If you still need shirts and hoodies that fit the urban style, here at EGOPROOF you get incredible options.


We have reached the end of our street fashion guide: 5 tips to stylize urban fashion. If you want to wear a comfortable style that allows you to transmit your personality, the best option is the urban style. This style gives much space for creativity and expression. Also, you can achieve it with a few basic clothes, so you only need a little money to make it possible. EGOPROOF puts street style at your fingertips with the best urban garments. See you in our next blog!

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