Turn 'One Day' Into 'Day One' (Asheville, NC)

Turn 'One Day' Into 'Day One' (Asheville, NC) by EGOPROOF

October 19, 2022

Whether or not DAY ONE is the day you realize you gotta get yours together, or the day you realize you ain't got yours together, it's still a day you'll have to experience to get the hell out of the B.S. you're sitting in. Imagine all of the B.S. each of us is dealing with on any given day, our typical coping mechanisms keep us as safe as possible, and while many of these coping mechanisms can be detrimental to our long term health, what's the move when what you're doing to stay sane is digging your hole deeper? Perspective is a bitch, hindsight is 20/20, but being honest with yourself that ain't nothing going to change until you decide to change, that's the DAY ONE that I hope for you. I believe in you. Love, Dad ♥️

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