Turn 'One Day' Into 'Day One' (Asheville, NC)

Procrastination suuuuuucks. 😒 Most of us do it, for varying reasons from laziness to anxiety to whatever. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It happens, though, and we shouldn’t get mad at ourselves for it. Nope. ❌❌❌ Instead, we should focus on starting and/or finishing something, getting to work on that new or old thing we’ve been putting off. 💪 Or, maybe we’re just afraid to do whatever it is we wanna do, and it has nothing to do with procrastination at all. ❓❓❓ Who knows. Whatever it may be, don’t let fear or procrastination keep you from doing what you want or need to get done. 😧 You’ll feel better for it once you get moving. 💯 That said, have a baller weekend. ❤️ Post-up from Asheville, NC. ❤️

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