Turn 'One Day' Into 'Day One' (Columbia, MO)

We all have a boatload of nonsense to wallow through every damn day our heads get up off that pillow. Hopefully, at some point, we will have reached a state of what I shall call 'not doing this same B.S. another day' and we make a move to start digging in on what change really looks like.⁠

Me personally, I spent the better part of four decades running myself ragged and then never giving myself the ability to rest because I thought I wasn't doing enough. Once I saw that all of my hard work was being used as lube to screw me, and my health took a hit, I took steps to unscrew myself. It's taken over a year to reach this point in my journey, but it wouldn't have happened had I continue to let the world keep trying to play grab-ass with my self worth.⁠

All it took was making the phone call to make the doctor's appointment, and then stepping down from an elected official role, and then distancing myself from creepy people at a non-profit I thought I was made to work for, and then changing my phone number, and then getting off FB, and then counting calories to truly start to understand what I was doing to my health through my mouth, and then actually bringing up anxiety with the doctor and asking for help, and then finally making that appointment with the therapist to try and work on my self worth and my self-respect.⁠

It's taking forever, but I'm thankful I'll be around for my own forever because I JUST STARTED CROSSING OFF THINGS ON MY LIST OF SCREW ALL THIS B.S.⁠

Join me, turn one damn day into day damn one.⁠

Love - Dad⁠

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