Turn 'One Day' Into 'Day One' (Louisville, KY)

Been too long since I posted. 🙈 Ang and I slowly made our way from San Francisco to Louisville, where I’ll be doing PT/rehab in January and February. 🚗 💨 Woooooo! Day to day here, but one step back for every two steps forward is a fucking win in my book! 💪 How are YOU doing?! 🤔 It’s absolutely time to chill and not get all anxious - as best you can, anyway - about the holidays and Omicron and whatever else the hell the world is gonna throw our way. 🤦‍♂️ I want you to spend some time enjoying your holidays, but also thinking about what’s next for you and how you can reach some goals after the New Year, without making yourself just a little bit more crazy. 🤪 Pace. But don’t lose sight. 👀 I definitely don’t sit around all day binging shows and marinating in my own shit show, and I don’t want you too, either. Lil’ thinking, lil’ binging, etc. 🚂 Anything you wanna share about what you’ve got in store? I’m all ears…or eyes…or whatever! ❤️

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