Upcoming Show At Rotofugi

EXCITING!!! I have a show opening on Saturday at Rotofugi and I’m super stoked! This will be an online show in the meantime, for all the obvious reasons, and I will post up the link when it drops on Saturday. I’ll be exploring some of the more positive, hopeful side of things in my brain for this show, with a tiny bit of sarcastic fuckery, because that’s how I roll.

In addition, I’m very happy to announce that 5 of the 20 pieces I’m debuting are collaborations with Hope For The Day, and all profits from those pieces will go back to them to keep fighting the good fight regarding suicide and mental health awareness.

I came up with the show title of “Hope And Love In Times Of Darkness” way before the pandemic hit the US, but I think it’s even more pertinent now as so many people are having their first personal experiences struggling with their own mental health during these trying times.

I hope you will join all of us on Saturday when the show opens, and check out all the work we’ve done.

I’m super happy and humbled to be working with Rotofugi, as I’ve known them and they’ve been like family for over 15 years. They have one of the best contemporary art galleries around, and are all amazing people. What I wouldn’t give to be able to travel to Chicago right now to hug them all and have this show in-person!!! Ah well! We’re doing it online and I’m totally cool with that.

This show will be entirely made up of giclée prints, and they will be available in two sizes at prices everyone can afford. I hope you check it out when it drops, and I thank you all soooooo much for checking out what I do.

Stay safe, stay strong. ❤️

Egoproof At Rotofugi

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