What are urban street styles, and how do you add them to your closet?

What are urban street styles, and how do you add them to your closet? Street fashion is becoming more and more popular. Why? Because in addition to being a more casual and everyday style, it now also appears in haute couture. However, although street fashion is one of the most popular styles, the term can be confusing. The reason? Many types of clothing can be streetwear and subgenres of this style. So what are urban street styles, and some ideas on how to add them to your closet? Stay on the EGOPROOF blog because we're talking about urban street styles today. In addition, we also tell you how to add them to your closet. That way, you can wear one of the favorite styles of fashion lovers. Are you ready? Let's get started!


Are urban street fashion styles still on trend?

What are urban street styles, and some ideas on adding them to your closet? Before knowing the answer to our main question, let's talk about the positioning of this style in trends. Yes, urban street style is still in style. It will never go out of fashion. Why? Because it is a comfortable, versatile style, suitable for day-to-day and allows the combination of many other styles. In addition, we must remember that urban fashion was born as a form of expression where people who felt they didn't fit in anywhere found the opportunity to be themselves. Urban fashion has served to give a voice to those who do not have it and also to highlight social and even political situations or moments. For example, EGOPROOF's streetwear focuses on mental health care, so it's a great choice if you're looking for high-quality streetwear but also fashion with a significant background. Buy here!

What is an urban clothing style?

What are urban street styles, and some ideas on adding them to your closet? We are closer to knowing the urban street style. However, it is significant to define what urban clothing style is. The urban fashion concept refers to a style of clothing designed to withstand the hustle and bustle of the city. Daily activities and constant movement inherent to urban life require garments capable of withstanding daily wear. Unlike other more delicate garments, urban-style clothing provides comfort to those who wear them, and they don't risk being easily damaged or spoiled.


Urban fashion includes suitable clothes, for example, for bus trips, train seats, and walking on the streets and crowded places. That is, there are a lot of baggy clothes, layered outfits, overlapping, etc. Are you looking for urban-style clothing? At EGOPROOF, there are ideal options for you! If you click here, you can access the brand's catalog, where you will find urban-style clothing and accessories.


What are the different streetwear styles?

What are urban street styles, and some ideas on adding them to your closet? After learning more about urban street styles, we will finally get to know these styles more closely. Are you ready? Let's see!




Techwear looks are part of an ultra-cool street style that has grown in popularity and focuses on style and function. Mainly, it takes functional pieces, like military vests and pants with pockets, and gives them a modern and elegant touch with luxurious fabrics and a modern color palette, such as blacks and grays. The functionality of these pieces is inspired by going out and sportswear. Due to its emphasis on high-quality materials, sleek modern styling, and functionality, Techwear is expensive. However, you can achieve a more affordable Techwear look by focusing on a monochrome palette with sporty accents.




It goes by many names, well-known as streetwear couture, hype beast, hip-hop, etc. It is the most popular and influential style in urban fashion today. This style is epitomized and promoted by hip-hop celebrities. This style embodies the mix of designer logos with streetwear classics like sweatpants, graphic tees, and sneakers. There is no shortage of inspiration for streetwear on the runway lately, as so many high fashion brands are embracing the streetwear trend and incorporating it into their runway looks. Among all the street fashion styles, the hype beast style will have no shortage of haute couture inspiration. All you have to do is take inspiration from celebrities who wear this style, follow brands that have hype beast collections, etc. Also, this is the most popular type of street fashion.




This urban style became famous thanks to the skater culture. It is originally from California, where this culture was born. Because of that, the skate style was originally heavily inspired by the easy-going, casual style of American surfers, who sported graphic tees, baseball caps, and shorts. 


Five Steps to add urban street fashion to your wardrobe

What are urban street styles, and some ideas on adding them to your closet? After knowing the urban street fashion styles, we discover how to add them to your wardrobe. Scroll down and keep reading!


  1. For winter days, you can go out in jeans, a black T-shirt and a leather jacket. You can also complete your look with military-style ankle boots or casual sneakers. Add accessories such as caps, berets, fanny packs, glasses, etc. Do you know where to buy street fashion? Click here and access the EGOPROOF catalog!
  2. Another option, if you want to wear street fashion in the office, is to wear brown cargo pants, with a basic shirt in the same tone as the pants, and complete it with a long coat and white sneakers. Buy street fashion from the EGOPROOF brand by clicking here!
  3. Combine a striped T-shirt with straight or wide jeans for summer days. Mix it with white sneakers and even boots. Do you want to wear shorts or bermudas? You can do it by combining it with sneakers and a baggy shirt. Of course, you can perfect it with the accessories of your choice, such as caps, glasses, etc. Buy urban and street fashion by clicking here!
  4. However, you can opt for a more comfortable look on the busiest days. To do this, combine a gray sweatshirt with jeans and sneakers, or even opt for a tracksuit and add a cap to give it a different touch. It is a very stylish and comfortable look for the most difficult days. If you click here, you can see the EGOPROOF catalog, where you can buy urban-style clothing focused on everyone's mental health!
  5. And for the occasions in which we want to dress up a little more, we can opt for a shirt, either a basic one or a patterned one, some panthers and some sneakers. In addition, you can also add a hoodie, jean jacket, or black leather. Buy street fashion by clicking here!


What are urban street styles, and some ideas on adding them to your closet? In reality, urban fashion is a combination of several different styles. So it's easy to get lost when it comes to identifying streetwear styles. However, by knowing them, you can create a wardrobe of street staples to achieve your preferred urban style. Remember to subscribe to our newsletter if you want to be notified of our updates! Also, visit the EGOPROOF blog to shop for streetwear focused on mental health care. See you later!

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