What Are You Doing To...?

Well?! Any tips? 😃 I’m having trouble during all this isolation! Outside of mental health, it’s been difficult for me to be motivated to work on work and creative projects, which is weird because I’ve been automatically motivated my entire life. It all kind of feels like a big daze right now. I’m trying, though! I’m thinking about how I could be pushing projects forward and working on building up the energy to be excited about doing things. It’s definitely difficult, but after three weeks on lockdown, something’s gotta give! I’ve been exercising every day and trying to live my normal routine in the confines of my house. I’m honestly sick of TV and sick of social media and the internet in general. I’m antsy also, which isn’t terribly helpful. But dammit on all dammits, I can do this and so can you! 🤗 💪

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