What Doesn't Kill Us

We can get through this! While I try to totally accept the “afraid something is killing me” part of my anxiety, I want to believe that whatever we make it through will absolutely make us stronger. 💪 Please remember this as you go through your day in these crazy and trying times. Be kind, be generous, be helpful, and don’t be one of these assholes I’ve seen in videos this week fighting over toilet paper or whatever. We’re all stuck in a situation out of our control and we should be practicing social distancing and other preventative measures while also being neighborly! I personally am locked down in Spain and I can tell you that it 100% sucks!!! If you are in a country that’s not (yet) on lockdown, try to remember that it’ll only get worse if you don’t act rational and reasonable about what’s happening right now. We can do this, y’all!!!

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