Urban art today: What is contemporary urban art?

Urban art today: What is contemporary urban art? Many people believe that street art is a recent phenomenon. However, it has existed for a long time, so much so that its history began centuries ago. Therefore, what we now recognize as street art is contemporary street art. But what is contemporary urban art? It is urban art created today. You probably didn't know the term or heard it but hadn't stopped to consider its meaning. If so, don't worry. Your favorite art and street fashion blog tells you what contemporary art is. You just have to stay with us, scroll down and keep reading. Are you ready? If so, let's get started!


What is the meaning of contemporary art?


What is contemporary urban art? Street art or contemporary urban art is all the art currently developed in public spaces, as we mentioned at the beginning. This urban art is in the streets. Although "urban art" generally refers to art from an illicit act of nature, street artists view the street as an untapped urban space to create works of art. In addition, urban contemporary artists are usually still living and working in urban art today.


Something relevant that you should not forget on your trip knowing contemporary urban art is that contemporary art should not be confused with modern art. Why? Because modern art refers to a specific style. Alec Monopoly, Banksy, and Eduardo Kobra are some of the best-known contemporary street artists. It is not possible to consider old street artists from the 1970s and 1980s to be contemporaneous if they have stopped creating artwork in the present. Do you like street art and want a style that reflects it? The perfect style is streetwear. Dress urban and join the street art through your style buying here!

What is the main point of contemporary art?


What is contemporary urban art? Since we know what contemporary street art is, let's talk about what is the main objective of this art. The aim of contemporary urban art, or urban art in general, is to make us see the world differently. It forces us to ask questions that we might prefer to avoid. Contemporary art is itself the art of our own time. It is produced and manifested in the now. Also, it responds to the moment's cultural consciousness, its society, joint needs, and the spirit of the times. In addition, we must remember that art is inherent to humans, their culture, and evolution.


In this sense, contemporary art has multiple interpretations. So, the understanding of art doesn't always occur, and audiences often get confused when trying to understand them. They expect a unique and true definition of art, so they become frustrated when various definitions are presented. The search for understanding the meaning inscribed in the works becomes both a goal and an obstacle in the relationship that contemporary art establishes with its audiences. Due to this, many pieces of contemporary street art can be multifaceted in senses. Buy EGOPROOF streetwear fashion here!


What makes contemporary street art?


What is contemporary urban art? Of course, another big question that arises when we want to know more about contemporary street art is what makes street art contemporary. Today's urban art is contemporary, as we mentioned earlier. It doesn't always have an obvious meaning and is a mixture of many elements, such as the artist's creativity and intention and social and political context. Contemporary street art describes only current works of art. So, contemporary art is artwork created by living artists. As a result, it reflects the various global challenges. For example, many of today's best street artists use their art to examine personal or cultural identity, critique social frameworks, or even redefine art. But contemporary art can also include those artists who have died or recently retired and excludes artists from the 1970s and 1980s. If you want to buy urban fashion, the right place is EGOPROOF. Just click here!


Characteristics of contemporary urban art


What is contemporary urban art? Here, we tell you some of the characteristics of contemporary urban art!


  1. Graffiti and street art are contemporary art forms. So, as you can imagine, you've unknowingly walked past contemporary art hundreds or thousands of times since childhood.
  2. Public contemporary street art inspires you with the artist's skill and makes you stop to think, or at other times, you just walk past it.
  3. Contemporary street artworks are works of art that have become an integral part of the daily viewing experience. For example, graffiti plays a vital role in culture. 
  4. The appearance of contemporary street art often happens at night or early morning so that people the next day stumble upon it instead of seeing it happen. This gives them a wow factor, but it's also because artists sometimes put themselves in danger.
  5. While many contemporary street art pieces are signed with the artist's nickname, many are not. You don't always know who this or that street artist is in person. Like Banksy, for example.


What is contemporary urban art? Knowing contemporary urban art allows you not to confuse it with modern art. In addition, it helps you to recognize the history of urban art and realize that it is not a new artistic trend. There is still a lot to discover when it comes to street art. Luckily, the EGOPROOF blog lets you get closer to the art and style you love. Therefore, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter! Also, remember that you can buy streetwear fashion focused on mental health by clicking here! See you in an upcoming blog about the EGOPROOF brand!

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