Urban fashion trends: What to wear in summer 2023?

Urban fashion trends: What to wear in summer 2023? New season, new trends! Although many trends come and go, many others remain. Such is the case of fashion trends in urban clothing, where new garments and accessories may appear, but the bases are in the classic garments of the style. Anyway, have you thought about what you will wear this summer? Urban fashion is always a good option at any time of the year. If you want to know what to wear in summer 2023 according to urban fashion trends, stay at EGOPROOF! Today, we do a little analysis of the most outstanding trends during the summer of 2023. Are you ready? Let's see!


Why is urban fashion the best option during the summer?


What to wear in summer 2023? Before knowing the urban fashion trends, let's talk about why urban fashion is one of the best options during the summer. Oversized clothes are a hallmark of urban fashion, and these garments are good allies in summer. Thanks to their comfort and the fact that most of them are pretty cool, you can wear oversize garments during the hottest days. Also, combining them with tighter ones, you achieve the right balance in your outfit. On the other hand, urban fashion is street fashion, so to accompany your day-to-day in big cities, the best thing to do is to wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and at ease with yourself and enhance your style. Shop EGOPROOF streetwear fashion here!


What are the trending colors during summer 2023?


What to wear in summer 2023? When discussing the urban fashion trends during summer, it is also relevant to mention the colors. As urban fashion lovers, we know that colors are essential in our clothes and accessories. The color in looks is as significant as the color in the streets. This summer, we again have reds, pinks, blues, greens, and oranges in our favorite color palette. As for red, all the subtones will take, while among the pinks, fuchsia will triumph. Orange will be a hit in its muted or toasted version, and the green that will take the most is aqua green. Finally, there are practically no limits to incorporating blue into your wardrobe. Isn't that cool? It will be a colorful summer! Remember to buy EGOPROOF streetwear here!


Urban fashion trends summer 2023


What to wear in summer 2033? Street style trends across the globe are in hot weather mode thanks to the return of the summer season. Thanks to that, the vibe for summer 2023 is laid-back, monochromatic, and, as usual, quite comfortable. Among the urban fashion trends, shirts with large buttons, short cotton blouses, and denim shorts, among other garments, stand out. Also, the look for summer 2023 is understated, though jewelry and other accessories are also worthy fashion statement options. According to Urban Fashion, here are some of the most relevant trends to try this summer of 2023. Let's see!




What to wear in summer 2023? An oversized button-down shirt is bold and easy. That is why it stands out among the urban fashion trends. Whether looking for it in a thrift store or the men's clothing department, oversized shirts are easy to style. Wear it partially open or tucked into your jeans, skirt, or shorts for warmer weather. That way, you'll achieve a relaxed look that can work in the office or on the beach.




What to wear in summer 2023? Among the urban fashion trends, crop tops are also a complete must-have. Keep the look relaxed and comfortable for warm weather with a cotton crop top. Even cutting up an old t-shirt can work, so wear a sustainable fashion crop top. Also, you can keep an athletic look with workout clothes. Or you can pair it with oversized cargo pants to stay on-trend for the season. For a bohemian-inspired look, try a crop top with a flowy skirt.



What to wear in summer 2023? Cargo pants are also part of these urban fashion trends! Why? Because summer 2023 is all about comfort. Oversized cargo pants pair well with a fitted cotton top, cropped or not. In addition, cargo pants convey a relaxed look on any occasion.




What to wear in summer 2023? As for footwear, platform shoes stand out a lot among the urban fashion trends. So, if you want to make a statement, extreme platform shoes are all the rage. Pair it with a utility look for the perfect summer outfit. Or opt for more subtle platforms if you're looking for a more relaxed look.




What to wear in summer 2023? If you have overalls or jumpers in your wardrobe, bring them out to match the relaxed vibe of summer 2023. Wearing denim in skirts, shorts, or dresses is a good style. You can wear the overalls with crop tops for a sexy yet modest look. It is a perfect combination for a warmer climate. Also, doubling down on denim in all shapes, styles, and washes is a perfect idea. Embellished jackets, bleached skirts, patchwork jeans, and baggy denim shirts are a complete streetwear hit this season!




What to wear in summer 2023? In urban fashion trends, when it comes to prints, the striped print is the most popular this summer. Why? Because they work very well with the trend of daring streetwear suits this season.




What to wear in summer 2023? Another Y2K trend resurfacing among the urban fashion trends is the khaki color. You can wear it in skirts, culottes, shorts, and cargo pants. Fortunately, the trend is understated and easily matched with other pieces in your closet. Consider pairing an oversized button-down shirt with khaki shorts for a trendy summer 2023 look.




What to wear in summer 2023? Of course, accessories are also essential in urban fashion trends. That's why when it comes to handbags, baguette bags, and fanny packs are everywhere. It is another easy trend to achieve. Just grab your favorite color, and you are ready to start the day wearing a look with an accessory that is as fashionable as it is useful. Shop your fanny pack and your Tote bag here at EGOPROOF!


What to wear in summer 2023? Urban fashion trends are one of the best options to stand out this summer thanks to your style while taking care not to fall victim to the heat. Remember that you can achieve any urban fashion trend with the basics. And, if you still don't have them, you can get some here in the EGOPROOF catalog. Subscribe to our newsletter! See you in the next blog of your favorite urban fashion site!

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