Who are the most important referents of street fashion?

Who are the most important referents of street fashion? Urban fashion, like any other style, has many references that can serve as inspiration for dressing streetwear. Knowing them is so significant, especially if you want to learn more about the history behind your favorite clothing style. Fashion born in the streets is influenced by youth who strive to break established social stereotypes, so streetwear becomes a personal expression. However, there are pioneers of the style that we consider necessary to know if you want to expand your knowledge in this style. So who are the most important referents of street fashion? Take inspiration from them! Stay on the EGOPROOF blog, scroll down, and keep reading!


What was street style inspired from?

As we have already discussed, street fashion takes inspiration from the street, the young and irreverent society inhabiting it, and many other styles. Who are the most important referents of street fashion? Some of them are the many other styles that make it up. Streetwear originated on the streets, not not on the runway, in contrast to other fashion trends. The term "street style" refers to a spectrum of approaches to fashion. These styles intersect and go against conventional fashion thinking. For that reason, it doesn't follow current trends. The street style allows people to show multiple identities by combining different styles and making them unique.


But what are the styles we see in streetwear? Rocker, punk, and athleisure styles are some of the main ones. However, street style can vary according to different cities and cultures. For example, street style involves cute style clothing and accessories in Japan. Hip-hop and skateboarding cultures also stand out in street fashion. That's what we owe the baggy and oversize garments to. Do you want to wear street style? Start today trying EGOPROOF garments here. You find hoodies, shirts, and other elements to elevate your street look. In addition, they are garments that will positively influence your life thanks to the prints with motivational messages that are encouraging in modern society.


Who inspired streetwear?

Who are the most important referents of street fashion? If we talk about streetwear references, we must mention Willi Smith. Willi was the designer who brought the street aesthetic to the catwalk by inventing street couture and streetwear. Thanks to that, he influenced an entire generation. He was the most important black designer of the 80s. Willi challenged the racism and classism rooted in the fashion world with his work. He achieved this through accessible gender-neutral garments. He designed each of his creations for anyone who wanted to use them. Also, his designs were a mixture of many styles and clothes. Why? Because he mixed work clothes, military clothes, and African and Indian prints.


Willi Smith was in love with denim and the romantic cowboy. He also often incorporated tweed, denim, or corduroy into his designs. He loved the overalls and the functional aspects of the silhouette. With him, not only the term streetwear was born, but also an identity for those marginalized by society. With it, we can see the principles of street style. Do not forget that you can join streetwear with EGOPROOF! Review our catalog here and acquire the garments for the correct urban style.


Who influenced streetwear?

Who are the most important referents of street fashion? The streetwear took inspiration from the DIY aesthetics of punk, Japanese streetwear, and heavy metal. Legacy sportswear and workwear fashion brands such as Schott NYC, Dr. Martens, Kangol, Fila, and Adidas have also been important referents for street style. So street fashion lives thanks to the street, the styles that make it up, and the brands that have led it to haute couture. A street fashion brand that you should try is EGOPROOF, whose designs focus on three base colors: black, white, and red. In addition, they are garments whose prints focus on mental health, making them ideal for today's youngster who struggles with mental health.


What are the leading brands of street fashion?

Who are the most important referents of street fashion? Let's get to know some brands that also join as a benchmark for streetwear. Let's see!




It started as a skate shop in London's Soho. But today, it is a broad lifestyle label. Artists like Jaz-J, A$AP Rocky, and Rihanna represent this brand.


  1. BAPE


With A Bathing Ape, the Japanese Nigo pioneered urban fashion in his country in the 1990s. In 2013, he sold the brand and now shares his perspective at Billionaire Boys Club alongside Pharrell Williams. It is a brand oriented towards capsule launches.




The brand has been a reference in urban fashion since the eighties. In addition, the brand was born by chance when Californian Shawn Stussy stamped his signature on the surfboards. Small print runs of its pieces are found in temples like Dover Street Market.




His defense of individuality on the catwalk has worked as a disruptive element for the fashion industry. When Demna Gvasalia was appointed creative director of Balenciaga in 2015, he confirmed his vision and multiplied his influence. It is a cult firm that allies itself with Champion, Levi's, or Brioni.




And, of course, the legendary Supreme brand could be missing included the brands that function as a benchmark in urban fashion. His associations with Fila, Lacoste, and Louis Vuitton have contributed to his fame. With Supreme, demand exceeds supply, so long lines to buy Supreme products are already synonymous with the brand.




Although it is not a benchmark brand in urban fashion but rather an emerging brand, it is one of the first to give prominence to mental health, integrating it into its designs. It is a brand for young people who want to wear streetwear but also for those who want to join an initiative that cares about the mental health of society.


Who are the most important referents of street fashion? Take inspiration from them! That way, you can join streetwear and elevate your urban outfits. The more you know about the history behind a style, the easier it is to understand and, therefore, the easier it is to use. Remember that at EGOPROOF, get clothes that fit streetwear with a modern and necessary approach: mental health. See you in the next blog!

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