Why is street fashion an artistic expression?

Why is street fashion an artistic expression? If you are an art and fashion expert, you must already know that the relationship between the two is close. Both are means of expression that not only create beautiful objects. Both are also capable of emotion. In addition, the clothing industry focuses on creativity. For this reason, it becomes a cultural mirror that reflects some idea or feeling, so fashion is a form of artistic expression when it is capable of transmitting emotions. So why is street fashion an artistic expression? Today at EGOPROOF, we will explain why street fashion is considered an urban artistic expression. Are you ready? Scroll down and keep reading!


Is fashion an artistic expression?

Why is street fashion an artistic expression? To learn about that, let us first discuss why fashion is an artistic expression. It is reasonable to consider fashion an art since it reflects society and its interests, beliefs, and expressions. Some garments transmit sensations. But in addition, fashion shows the evolution of human beings. It expresses how people lived at certain times.

In the same way, artistic works are related to the space and time in which they were created. They express the thought of the time through their attributes. So fashion is an artistic expression because, like art, it also communicates a reality of each society. We can track the cultural changes over the years through art and fashion. For example, with the EGOPROOF garments, we can see the need for mental care reflected. Their garments are printed with a positive phrase that can accompany you during the day. If you buy an EGOPROOF garment here, you will not only wear a good street style, but you will also carry motivation with you.


How is fashion a form of artistic expression?

We want to know why street fashion is an artistic expression. However, before knowing it, we must know how fashion is a form of artistic expression. It is already clear that it is, but how does it work? The relationship between art and fashion is evident when a garment expresses an aspect of reality and records it aesthetically. Let us remember that one of the definitions of art is: human activity whose purpose is to create artistic works. Fashion is a means of expressing individuality within social contexts. In addition, it must be clarified that within the fashion industry, there are different ranges. There is fast fashion, ready-to-wear, and high-end, that is, haute couture. The latter is created under high standards that each firm must meet.


For that reason, the cultural reflection extracted from fashion references a specific historical point. These pieces acquire an artistic value that complements the collection, and their fashion is reaffirmed as art. It can be art when it is not fast fashion but haute couture and expresses an individual position in the face of social reality. Are EGOPROOF garments art? If we consider the quality of the clothing and its intention (to promote the importance of mental health), we can conclude that it is. It is not just about street fashion. It is a street fashion that reflects a current social problem, so it is ideal for those who not only want to show off an urban style. It is also perfect for those who want to raise mental health awareness. Do you want to buy an EGOPROOF garment? Do it here!


Is street art an expression?

Why is street fashion an artistic expression? Now that we know why fashion can be considered art, it is time to find out why urban fashion is also a urban artistic expression. First, it is necessary to remember that the urban clothing style is a way of dressing that is considered today as one of the fashion trends. Today, urban clothing, influenced by music, sport, or urban art, has become the fashion showcase where everything is allowed. It is creative and daring because it deals with the most inspired fashion. In addition, the urban style is part of the urban landscape. Many gray facades are transformed into original works of art. For this reason, street art and urban style go hand in hand.


By taking inspiration from the streets, its people, societies, and cultural changes, street fashion also conveys an individual expression conditioned by present reality. Whether as a way to go against standards, a personal expression, or an opportunity to wear a comfortable but creative style, streetwear is art for what it represents: a style of clothing associated with urban cultures. If you want to wear streetwear with a conscience, shop EGOPROOF clothing here. You will not only wear a good street style, but you will also wear garments that remind you of the importance of mental health, which is necessary today in a society full of changes.


Why is street art a form of art?

When asking ourselves why street fashion is an artistic expression, think about urban art and why this is an art form. Regardless of its form, street art is artists’ appropriation of urban space. For that reason, it is considered art. This art encompasses as many styles and universes as there are artists. Sometimes, many urban artists do not ask permission from the authorities to put their art on the streets, which is why many consider it vandalism. 


However, this street art can often be a means of expression against social injustices, such is the case of Banksy, one of the most representative artists of urban art. Because street art inspires street fashion, there is an undeniable relationship between the two, which is why street fashion also has significant artistic value. Do you want to wear urban fashion but do not know how? One way to do this is by accessing the EGOPROOF catalog and checking the shirts and hoodies we offer. Also, remember that it is not just about urban fashion. They are also designs that contain a message to accompany your mental health.


Why is street fashion an artistic expression? Urban fashion is an artistic expression not only thanks to its relationship with art but also because it is a means of individual expression in a context or social reality that can represent different periods in the history of a society. For example, when the world is increasingly chaotic, living is exhausting, so raising awareness about mental health is necessary. That is the purpose of EGOPROOF, so by buying our products, you will not only be acquiring the opportunity to wear a good street style. But you are also joining an initiative to improve everyone's mental health. See you in our next blog!

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