Stolen style! 5 celebrities who best wear streetwear

Stolen style! 5 celebrities who best wear streetwear. Urban fashion is born from the streets and adapts to many different possibilities when it comes to dressing. Street style is inspired by hip-hop, skateboarding, and other new urban movements that persist. Even better, these streetwear trends can be taken to another level thanks to the influence of celebrities, who add their personal style to enhance any streetwear look they wear!


Don't know how to take your street look to the next level? No worries. Today at EGOPROOF, we steal the style of 5 celebrities who best wear streetwear! That way, you can dress the streetwear with a lot of style. Are you ready? If so, let's get started! Discover with us the five celebrities who best wear streetwear!


What are the streetwear fashion trends for 2023?


Before we get to know the celebrities who best wear streetwear, let's talk a bit about the streetwear trends for 2023. Some of the most eye-catching items this year in streetwear are oversized button-down shirts, cotton crop tops, and khaki pants. Maybe it seems impossible, but it is a fact that the color khaki triumphs in urban fashion this year. In addition, silver clothing and accessories also stand out in street fashion trends. Oversized jackets and hoodies continue, as always, in the focus of streetwear. However, if you want to know more about streetwear trends, click here to look at our blog exclusively dedicated to them!


Why are celebrities a streetwear inspiration?


As urban fashion enthusiasts, we need to know the basics of streetwear and have the creative ability to customize a variety of outfits to convey our individuality through them. But getting there isn't always easy, so we have to consider other options, such as celebrities, who inspire us with their street looks and perfection.


Thanks to the creativity they put into their successful combinations, celebrities can become our fashion muses. We can recreate their looks or take inspiration from their style tips to enhance our style. So, if you still don't know how to make the most of your street style, check out the urban hits of your favorite celebrities! Don't know where to buy urban fashion? Get to know the EGOPROOF catalog here!


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Which celebrity has the best street style?


Finally, we get to this part of the blog where you can meet the celebrities who best wear streetwear! They can encourage you to redouble your commitment to street fashion. Remember that street fashion is generally gender neutral, so whether you are male or female, you can be inspired by a female or male celebrity to give your look a unique look. It's all about being inspired. Let's see!


Bella Hadid


We start this list of celebrities who best wear streetwear with Bella Hadid! Having created some great streetwear looks, Bella Hadid returned this year with couture clothing. At one point, the supermodel was dressed in a white and brown mesh cap and a cream-white stretch coat. She paired it with black pants and finished her look with sneakers. She shows that you can achieve a good street look when you know the style well!


A$AP Rocky


A$AP Rocky is next on our list of celebrities who best wear streetwear! His style is clearly urban. His choice of clothes and the luxury brands he wears make him a benchmark for street style. From the Adidas x Gucci clogs to their vintage-inspired suit jackets or their typically American baseball jackets. He leaves no room for doubt about being a streetwear inspiration!


Hailey Bieber


Of course, Hailey Bieber could not be missing from this list of celebrities who best wear streetwear! Hailey Bieber's style is the true definition of looking effortlessly chic, even in streetwear. Hailey proved that wearing a coat with vintage jean shorts, a belt, loafers, and a cropped vest is a perfect street-style choice.


Lewis Hamilton


Lewis Hamilton is also on the list of the best streetwear celebrities! When he is not wearing racing clothes, it is common to see Lewis Hamilton wearing suits from brands such as Prada, Dior, or Valentino. He usually embroiders monochromatic designs and is a reference for those who follow the latest trends in urban aesthetics.


Jennifer Lopez


We finish this list of celebrities who best wear streetwear with Jennifer Lopez! The actress and singer has been a queen of the street since the 90s. Jennifer Lopez inspired us to wear a white leather knit sweater, blue jeans, and suede booties. Lopez completed her look with colorful oversized vintage sunglasses. She also added a bright green hip bag. She is very creative when it comes to urban style!


The celebrities who best wear streetwear will be your salvation when you don't know how to improve your street look! You can take inspiration from them to transform your urban style from head to toe and make it worthy of the great fashion catwalks. Are you already subscribed to our newsletter? Do it now! And don't forget that by clicking here, you can get to know the EGOPROOF streetwear collections. See you soon, buddy!

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