How do I Stay Motivated in Life?

 How do I Stay Motivated in Life? From the outside looking in, it does not sound like an easy answer. We have to go through a lot, whether that be work, school, or our home life. That does not even consider one’s issues and struggles. The twists and turns of everyday life can most certainly damper your outlook. Sucks right?


Hint: There is a solution


Life coaches and therapists are seen as signs of good life management; however, they would not help you with the average daily routine. Having a so-called “gameplan” to help you get through the week sounds like A LOT of work. Plus, you do not want to have to consistently pep talk yourself or look for that boost to get you through the day. You should not need to look into the mirror consistently and tell yourself how great you are. 


You should FEEL that way, and you should know it-no doubts, compromises, or intrusive thoughts allowed. 


That is why I have the best advice you will ever receive. 


Well, not really. 


But it is for sure a game-changer. Undoubtedly, it’s full-fledged glory and a step toward being who you want to be. Here it is. 


You can motivate yourself through clothing!   


Nothing is a better motivator than putting on a nice outfit and favorite accessories and taking on your day at your best


It is not that easy. However, we still need to craft your style. You still need to figure out what will trigger this continual confidence and motivation you strive for. 


Where do I get my Motivation from?


This is the first key to maintaining your vibe. What gives you the urge to continue normally? What interest or hobby makes you put in the most amount of effort? What makes you feel like you are going to be conquering the world?


That is the type of motivation we want to tap into. You have to find within yourself what you love, which you can then convey into your clothing and outward time. Have a favorite influencer or model? Wear their cologne/perfume. Favorite band or artist? Wear a piece of their merch. 


We did not even get into our favorite color yet. Make sure to accentuate that. 


You can choose one bright piece to show off your favorite shades. Or, do a mishmash of several different similar colors or monochrome. Whatever you want. 


Your culture is something that makes you keep moving forward. If you find your passion within family and cultural ties, lean into that with your all. Wear something homemade from your grandparents or something your mom used to wear. People from your motherland may love a specific material, so work it into your day-to-day wardrobe. You can even make it the centerpiece of the outfit. 


This first tip is one of the most crucial because it sets you up for success in the overall clothing experience. Look within yourself. You know what is right for you. 


How can Clothing make me happy? 


Firstly, wearing something you like makes you smile, it is scientifically proven. When you buy a piece of clothing or like how you are looking on a particular day, dopamine and serotonin are sent to your brain, making you happy. 


Secondly, comfort is an easy thing to sell in any format. Imagine your comfiest sweater or your most slimming-looking jeans. Now that’s comfortable, no? I am sure you will love feeling motivated in something that makes you physically feel amazing. 


We can optimize that by choosing what you wear and what you like on certain days. But we can go even further and plan ahead of time. 


I love this because it is a great way to feel motivated through your clothing in the morning. Imagine you have woken up late for your job, your alarm clock is ringing louder than anything else in the world, and when you finally make your way over to your closet, you still have no idea what you are going to wear.


That is why being creative the night before and choosing what style is going to be is so important. All of that worry, stress, and unpredictability you are avoiding will pay off in the long run.  


How Do I Make My Style Unique?


Being creative and yourself is one of the most significant concerns when dressing and creating a self-image. More importantly, we do not want to come off as fraudulent by copying something else. 


We can solidify ourselves by being unique by adjusting what we wear and tailoring it to our needs


Do not get me wrong, social media has completely changed the game of fashion. Social media has allowed us to provide and find style inspiration from hundreds of thousands of sources. More often than no, it's where I get almost all of my ideas from. But it is always best to take this inspiration and turn it into your look with your own unique style. 


Be inspired, but stay true to yourself and whatever makes you feel good at the end of the day is what truly matters! If not, you’re not living for yourself but for other people, and that’s no way to be. 


How Do I Know When I am Confident? 


Confidence is not physical. We cannot pick it up and hold it in our hands.  But when you pull a mirror out in front of you or see your hot reflection in a passing car reflection, you will start to know what I am talking about.   


Shopping will help you find motivation, especially when you connect with what you are buying. When you are going shopping, make sure you are wearing an outfit you like & are feeling good in it!


At EGOPROOF, this is the exact feeling we are trying to evoke. Motivation through expression is the best way to put it. It is possible to have your day go perfectly just from that start in our clothing, no need to plan or analyze-just success. 


Your entire wardrobe should fit who you want to be. Take inspiration by looking at our clothes modeled on Instagram @EGOPROOF and other platforms. Style and uniqueness ring true in whatever creative way you express it


Some pieces to check out include our cozy, comfy crewnecks and stylish snapbacks that will send a message out into the world.  

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