EGOPROOF: How To Be Confident Without Being Cocky

EGOPROOF:  How To Be Confident Without Being Cocky. Throughout our lives, this constant balance lies within our ego and our individual personalities. We want to be confident and self-expressive, yet we do not want to come off chauvinistic. That is, we don’t want to seem full of ourselves. Of course, we want to love ourselves absolutely, but we need to work for it. We also need to be restrained and contained to what we like. 


Everybody has days when they’re not feeling the most confident. That’s a fact, and it happens to all of us, good or bad. However, it shouldn’t mean we abandon our sense of self because we’re not feeling our best. The problem comes from not prioritizing how you look, or others perceive you. The outfit you choose for the day, hairstyle for your outing, or accessories worn for the night out can make all the difference. 


Have you ever looked at an ad online or a commercial on TV and thought to yourself: “Damn, these guys look great, and they seem to be having a great time. Why can’t I look this effortless, and happy every day?”. 


I know it’s not real and it is simulated happiness, but you have to hear me out here. I made the mistake of thinking I had to copy these individuals, these attractive models online, or influencers on Instagram who will always look better than me because they have the resources to do so. Makeup artists, a marketing team, and Photoshop can give unrealistic standards for yourself. The wrong thing to do is to start hating yourself and thinking that you can never be desirable, and you should never doubt yourself or your ability to make anything work. 


How Can I Get Rid of Doubt?


When we talk about doubt, we’re talking about an intrusive thought that has no business in our minds at any time. Luckily, self-confidence is an easy way to block those thoughts. There’s an easy fix for your daily confidence: paying extreme attention to fashion and confidence-building. While they are not exclusively related, they are still deeply connected. 


Some people might find it silly or even offensive to think that the clothes you wear could affect your confidence, but there’s plenty of research to support this claim. If you were to look at yourself from someone else’s eyes, the first thing they’d see is your clothing, and there’s no way around that. 


It rings true for my personal experiences. When I put on one of my favorite outfits, I feel like I can take on anything in the world; when I’m wearing something that does not feel as good as it could, I feel miserable. Even if I wanted to, I’d feel like nothing is possible, and I shouldn’t even bother going out. That’s the power of confidence in your clothing. 


You might be asking: where did the doubt go? It is already completely gone when you like what you are wearing. Sure, you will have doubts and worries about other things involved in your life, such as your family or friends. However, you’re supposed to worry about how you can care about others and their actions. Instead of worrying about whether you can be confident, know that you can.  


What Type of Clothing Makes You Confident?


Figuring out what specific type of clothing makes you confident differs depending on the individual. I care about making a statement or showing off what sports team I love, but as we all know, everyone has different priorities.


The most important thing, first and foremost, is comfort. Whether that is how warm you want to be, how baggy you want your pants, or the tight feeling of undergarments, the need for comfort is with all of us. That means getting rid of anything that is uncomfortable, regardless of the reason. There is no reason to be in pain or rationalize an uncomfortable day. 


All women have that dress that is just one size too big, and men have those jeans they wish to wear again. Yet, those are old times, and you can not be stuck in the past wishing. You need a call to action. It is all to be comfortable. 


Next, you want to wear an outfit that you see yourself wearing. Imagine you are a movie star or walking down a showroom runway, you wouldn’t want to wear something you look uneasy in. Being comfortable in your skin is a fabulous feeling. The only risk you may run into is over-confidence, which I am okay with but can come off as rude or disrespectful to others. Perception is critical, and you know how amazing you are. So, you do not want to be judged by what you are wearing. They are doing many judgmental activities and going after your character. How can you stop this behavior? 


How To Not Be Full of Yourself


You might have the thought in your head: “Ah, I just need to be non-expressive.” However, this is the incorrect answer. You are being judged based on assumptions they’re making about you, not even actual tangible traits. 


Wear clothing that will draw intrigue or interest, instead of jealousy and spite. Your clothing can almost always make a statement without that statement being rude, crude, or disrespectful. 


Next, dress to fit the occasion you’re at. You want to be yourself, but not fitting in will have people not even looking thoroughly at your appearance. Casual is casual. Being cocky is about how you’re perceived, not how you act. If all of your bases are covered, nobody can say a thing about you, especially if they don’t know you. Cool, calm, and collected is what you usually strive for, but add an extra level of charismatic personality. There’s a compromise for when you want to look nice but also feel like you can fit in on the streets of whichever city or town you live in. That’s where the concept of streetwear comes in. 


You can create a cohesive outfit that’ll draw compliments and will look no different from others your age. As casual as can be but also equally impressive and stylish. Here at EGOPROOF, this is exactly what we’ve accomplished. If you look at our sweaters and hats, they fit this definition to a tee- nothing overly flashy, but tight lines and colors all around. 


Maybe you can’t find the right thing to wear. Or a perfect wardrobe is your marvelous dream, but you can never accomplish it. Perhaps you have endless options. This will force anyone to switch things up and look for something different. We are something different. Think outside the box and normal parameters of fashion with the best of both worlds. You will feel free to be confident, but no worries about what people will think- no need for fancy designers when you have EGOPROOF

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