Can Fashion Make You a Better Person?

Can Fashion Make You a Better Person?  What is the absolute favorite thing you wear? Consider how it makes you feel or what kind of person it makes you to wear something like that. Do you agree with that image? 


These questions open up our eyes to see that there is something to stand for, a statement we can make through our day-to-day existence just by how our wardrobe is set up. 


How we dress and compose our outfits are quintessential to who we are as people and individuals. We care so much about how we look and what we’ll wear for the day, but do we think about if what we’re wearing is morally good? 


We typically don’t correlate the two, as clothing and apparel are usually not crossed with morals & ethics, at least not at the forefront of our minds. However, aligning yourself with things you agree with and stand up for makes sense. Given so, your fashion sense and personal style should do the same thing.  


You want to feel confident, impressive, and strong-willed yet not lose out on anything that makes you one of a kind.  On top of this, it is incredibly lame to be or look generic. You want to stand out, but in the best way possible! You must maintain your inner beliefs and speak what you want to say through streetwear!


How Can I Dress for Success?


Firstly, I will gladly admit that I hate cliches. Nobody likes to say something someone has said a million times before, even if it may be 100% correct or a meme you love. Despite this, many of them tend to be the utmost truth which is why they’re said so often.


Some of these sayings are very common just because they’re fun to say, like the rhyming ones. For example, we have to dress to impress, where you’re attempting to subliminally send people a message that you’re a worthwhile individual through your clothing. But then we have the most misconstrued: Dress for Success. 


The main issue with this saying is not that it is untrue. You have to manifest being successful by working for it, and part of that is finding your style. Straight-up copying somebody to the tee or “trying to look the part” is not something you should be interested in. You want to stand out and feel a specific type of way. This can be obtained with sustainable clothing and comfortable vibes that empower you throughout your entire body.  


Not only is it about clothing that makes us feel good, but it is about outerwear that makes us feel powerful. “If you feel good in your clothes, you’ll be able to accomplish anything” said the famous multi-time tennis champion Novak Djokovic. 


Imagine giving a speech in front of hundreds or taking part in a lifelong event you’ve been waiting months for and not being confident in what you’re wearing on that occasion. 


You’d be hyperventilating. Nervous. Anxious. All sorts of emotions are not needed or warranted when you’re trying to be your best self, internally or externally. 


You want to feel confident in what you choose to style yourself with. At the same time, it should support your beliefs and what you want to fight for


How Do I Make Good Out of My Wardrobe? 


Getting a good thing accomplished or a charitable act done through clothing isn’t the simplest thing. That’s why getting rid of things you’ll rarely or never use by donating or giving to a charitable thrift store is useful. You could even give it personally to someone in need because you can bless somebody with a fashionable look you could not pull off, especially if it is not something your style. 


Also, don’t be grossed out by selling your clothes or wearing other people’s outfits. Sharing a sweater can be incredibly intimate and loving if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Sharing is caring might be one of those rhymes or cliches I enjoy and live by. 


If you chose the donation route, follow up and see if your clothes reached somebody in need. Rather than sitting in a pile somewhere.


If you’re up for a challenge, re-design an outfit. Turn an old shirt into a hip crop top, or do a drawing or patchwork a new design on something as vintage as your parents.  


From there, it’s more about what you stand for and how we can get as expressive as possible. Calling attention to issues but not necessarily towards yourself, but how you feel. The more you do this, the more you’ll see your beliefs' validity.


In What Ways Can I Be Socially Aware?


Some people are afraid to be socially aware or outwardly share what is on their minds. It would help if you were one of those people. 


You have nobody to be afraid of, and at the end of the day, there are always endless things to change for the better. 


The inner beliefs and things you stand for can reflect and shine through whatever outside choices you make. That is why your clothing style can speak for you and your ability to be socially aware. 


Do not be afraid to get political, either. It is essential to stand up for your beliefs; nobody can ever take that away from you


Do not get too preachy with it because, much like us, nobody likes being bossed around by an authoritarian and getting told what to do or say. 


The easiest way to do this is to shop only from socially responsible and sweatshop-free brands. You may buy from brands such as American Apparel and Fashion Bloc designers. For example, there are even more explicitly responsible and transparent brands in North America. Still, it takes time to get used to the new way of shopping and to re-discover the industry altogether. 


It would be best to discover the care needed to put into clothes and how manufacturing mass-produced items in a sweatshop are not the correct thing to stand for, especially when all of the designers you represent throughout your life should be sweatshop-free, true fair-trading brands. 


If not, this is something you need to step back and rethink.  It would help if you found a safe and comfortable brand that makes you feel like you and any bad day can turn good. At the same time, this brand also needs special corporate social responsibility. This intrinsic value of caring about workers and zero crimes against humanity has become a central focus. It should also be a significant focus if you care about where your fabrics are coming from.   


Besides beautiful, cutting-edge, interesting, innovative designs and affordable concepts, they are all manufactured ethically. Look no further than at EGOPROOF, where we can fulfill your needs and more. 


Address the start of your inner change and the belief that society can improve by wearing a brand like us. A hat with lettering can help you spread a message and be stylish. Instead of being an activist through posting online, wear your social image. 


Since every day is made for good times, consider getting a mug or shirt that speaks it into existence, and it can be manifested if you are killing it in the outfit as well. Our lines will remain clean and bold to be seen as clear and understandable. Our complexity is projected as simplicity; you will never be disappointed by the threads

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