Get to know urban art in Los Angeles with us!

Get to know urban art in Los Angeles with us! No matter what day you see this, today is another great opportunity to learn more about street art. Isn't it exciting to see this artistic expression from the streets where it is most present? However, it is not always possible to travel to another city in the world. On the EGOPROOF blog, we accompany you on a virtual tour of one of the cities with the largest spaces for urban art. Earlier, we talked about urban art in New York. Today is the time for you to get to know urban art in Los Angeles with us. Are you ready? Let's dive into the depths of street art in Los Angeles! Just scroll down and keep reading! We'll see!


Is street art legal in the United States?


A question we forgot to clarify in our previous blog about urban art in New York is whether street art is legal in the United States. But it doesn't matter. Before learning more about urban art in Los Angeles, we will talk about it. As in any part of the world, art in the United States can be illegal when the artist performs a work on private property. However, that changes if the artist reaches an agreement with the owner of said wall or place. In addition, we see more and more spaces dedicated solely to urban art. And we are not referring to the typical museums where urban art has visibility. We are referring to public spaces that artists can use to embellish the city streets with their art without consequences. Isn't it amazing? So whether you travel to New York or Los Angeles, you will be able to find famous murals by well-known street artists.


Is Los Angeles a good place for artists?


Yeah! Urban art in Los Angeles has a lot of presence. However, it is not the only artistic expression in Los Angeles. We must remember that it is, after all, the epicenter of artists dedicated to training and acting. Hollywood is in Los Angeles! It is undoubtedly an excellent place for artists, as it is home to many actors, television and film writers, directors, and fashion designers.


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Is Los Angeles a city of art?


Los Angeles is called the Capital of the Arts of the United States. Does that tell you something? Yes, Los Angeles is a city of art. Let's remember what we mentioned recently: LA is home to actors and artists dedicated to making movies and television shows, so art runs through the city from head to toe. In fact, it is one of the main attractions of the city. Like New York, its streets are filled with street art, making many places in Los Angeles a complete visual spectacle. If you plan to travel to the capitals of urban art, Los Angeles cannot be missing from your list. Later, we will tell you about some of the murals you cannot miss in Los Angeles.


Where can I see street art in Los Angeles?


Many places in Los Angeles will help you learn more about street art! However, here we tell you five essential places and no excuses on your artistic trip to Los Angeles. Are you ready? Here we go!


Melrose Avenue: the wall of the "wings" of Los Angeles


Talking about urban art in Los Angeles must necessarily include the wall of the wings of Los Angeles. Because? Because it is one of the city's most emblematic pieces of urban art. Many tourists gather to take a photo in these famous wings that you can find on Melrose Avenue. An avenue that promotes urban art by having graffiti on every corner. However, the most photographed are the pink wings of number 7850, but there are many more! You just have to walk a little further and enjoy the ride because you will bump into other wings before you know it!

Beverly Hills graffiti


But you can also find urban art in Los Angeles in Beverly Hills. Although they are not the pink "wings" of Melrose Avenue, they were also born by the hand of Colette Miller. The Angel Wind mural is located in Beverly Hills, next to a store called St. Regis Wine & Liquor, at 8401 West 3rd Street. So, if you go to Los Angeles and take a walk in Beverly Hills, do not hesitate to take advantage of this street art.


Hollywood murals


Urban art also has a leading role in Hollywood murals, where the American dream of succeeding in the training world materializes. The fun is in a Walk of Fame where the neons of the cinemas and theaters never sleep, as well as the street art. One of the most striking graffiti is found on the back wall of Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, a tribute to those stars of fleeting brilliance. In this movie city, you can combine this route of murals and graffiti with movie locations in Los Angeles. It is an artistic tour you will never forget, so it is well worth taking.


Graffiti in Downtown, Los Angeles


We continue to learn about urban art in Los Angeles. And now, it's time to go to downtown Los Angeles. The subway's red line quickly connects the historic center of Los Angeles with the Walk of Fame. There is little street art because it is a financial and commercial district. However, the colorful circles of the vegan restaurant, The Springs on Calle Mateo, attract many eyes, just like the illuminated mural that welcomes the cosmopolitan Los Angeles Central Market. It is a good stop on your artistic tour because, although you will not find many murals, the few that exist are worth visiting.


Murals in Venice, the most colorful neighborhood in Los Angeles


We end this tour to learn about urban art in Los Angeles with the murals of the best-known neighborhood in the city. If there is an area that wins the prize when it comes to Street Art in Los Angeles, it is the neighborhood of Venice. Walking along the promenade from its hanging letters, between souvenir shops and cafes, to the Santa Monica pier is a display of painted walls for all tastes. The famous Mural of Love, with its superimposed hearts on the facade of a pizzeria, is the most popular. Surely, you have seen her on social networks or in a movie because she is pretty famous. However, nothing compares to seeing it in person.


Urban art in Los Angeles is an artistic show you must experience if, like us, you are passionate about every ephemeral sample of street culture. There really is a lot of street art in this California city! Therefore, you should not miss the route of murals and graffiti in Los Angeles. For any lover of street art, it is a valuable experience. Do you also like street fashion? In Los Angeles, you will also find this style a lot! So don't hesitate to elevate your style by adding street-style clothing and accessories from the best-emerging streetwear brand, EGOPROOF! You just have to click here to enjoy the catalog. See you in the next blog, good fella!

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