What defines street art?

What defines street art? We've talked about street art before. But sometimes, it can be confused with other types of artistic expressions. It is also a form of it, but what truly defines it?

What's the story of it all? What's its foundation? If you don't know, don't worry. At EGOPROOF, we will tell you everything about what defines street art.


Are there different forms of street art?


Before we go to the final point, you must know if there are different types of street art. The answer is yes, there are. Do you want to know all of them? Keep reading!




Graffiti is one of the most popular versions of street art. It started long ago, but that's not the point today. It is particularly done on the walls. It expresses important messages, like words or phrases.

But it’s not all about expressing a few (but powerful) messages - it can also be about beautifying a wall. It fills life into the streets.




Sculptures can be seen as something much more elaborate and artistic. But they're 3D versions of the pieces made by the artists on the street. They have more complicated processes, such as carving and modeling, to make the sculpture come to life.

They can be made from different materials, like bones or wood.


Poster art


It's a 2D artistic drawing that's printed or drawn on paper. The artists usually manage calligraphic styles and special paintings to create these posters. They're rad. Have you seen one? They're still artistic but a little fancier. It depends on how you see it or like it.


Sticker street art


Artists make attractive stickers and post them on the walls or the trees. This comes from childhood hobbies of playing with stickers in our books. Amazing, right?


3D wall graffiti


3D wall graffiti is a street art form that attracts customers most. They are eye-catching and give the feel like the objects are popping from a wall. Very attractive, mostly for kids.

Artists often take the time to practice this skill before they go out to the streets and make their fabulous art.


Spray paint murals


This type of murals attracts many tourists. The artists draw their pieces directly into the wall with spray paint - as the name says.

These murals represent the abstract ideas that the very creative artists have every time.


Sideway chalk art


You probably made drawings with chalk on the streets as a kid. Who would’ve thought it was a form of street art itself? Maybe we’re all little street artists on the inside.

But seriously, many street artists are skilled enough to draw realistic pieces with chalk only. You could even confuse one. For example, you may see a “real” man standing on the sideway. But it turns out it’s chalk art!

Fake potholes are the most straightforward example and ways to make sideway chalk art. It's pretty cool how far street art can go.


But now, what does define street art?


We've talked about what street art is before. So we won't be boring you with that info again. But, there are a few characteristics that represent and define street art.


Public spaces


As you may know, street art is mainly seen in public spaces or streets. It started as a social movement and still is, but now society has accepted it more.

It was illegal in the 70s. Some people still consider it that way. But it has benefited the streets a lot since it attracts many people and, most importantly, tourists.


Powerful messages


Street art is not just about some silly drawings on the walls. While they can be figures and abstract paintings, they mostly transmit compelling messages regarding politics, climate change, etc.

These messages are transmitted to society, making them think deeply about the environmental impact we've caused or the structure the government is managing. It makes you question, are we doing this right?




Street art has some key elements that define it. It's mainly done with graffiti. The lettering is also very characteristic, and artists can use figures like bubbles. This is the most classic version.

Some artists also use stencils to portray their art on the walls.


Scale and time


Time is essential while making street art, mostly graffiti. The artists must make it simple and fast since most pieces are made illegally. Murals are okay, though, but graffiti is still illegal in many countries despite its years of history and social impact. This is one of the reasons they use stencils so that they can do their work in a short period of time.

Since it's illegal, many artists use other forms of this art, like the ones we mentioned before.

If you are interested in street art, try to avoid getting yourself in trouble. You can express yourself and enter the urban environment in other forms of street art, such as stickers, sculptures, pop art, 3D graffiti, and even video projections to put your art out there.




We've mentioned that street art is a powerful way to express yourself. It has helped many people find their way through a healing journey. Art is always an excellent way to find relief in every form. Have you tried one of the street art forms we mentioned above?

What do you think? There's more to street art than we think. It's a form of self-expression and a way to impact people significantly. If you like it, you should pursue it. It's a beautiful world full of colors, great people and amazing artists. You could become the next top street artist!

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See you on the next blog!

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