What do you need to achieve a street style?

What do you need to achieve a street style? Urban fashion styles live in the big cities. Although brands can create garments that can fit more or less in street style, the combination with accessories and the way of carrying them is essential. In urban fashion, many styles live in perfect harmony. So it is possible to mix more than one style in wearing urban fashion, but you have to do it with meaning and logic. Sometimes it is hard, but the truth is that it is easier than it seems. What do you need to achieve a street style? Stay with us to discover the pieces you need to wear a street look. Are you ready? Let's see!


How is streetwear designed?

What do you need to achieve a street style? First, you need to know how street fashion is designed. Street fashion is an informal fashion style that became popular in 1990. The urban style includes comfortable and fashionable clothes, such as graphic t-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, and sneakers. For example, the clothes you find available in Egoproof are an ideal option if you want to wear an urban style. On the other hand, streetwear brands take inspiration from hip-hop culture and skater style. In addition, the followers of the latest trends in street clothing are well-known as hypebeasts.

The first street fashion brands emerged in southern California in the 1980s but did not acquire popularity until 1990. It arose when the surfers sold serigraphy t-shirts to promote their handmade surfboards. Inspired by the street style of the skaters and surfers of Los Angeles and hip-hop fashion, the small skateboard stores in New York began to create their designs in 1990. For that reason, street fashion is designed based on society at a specific moment.

What are the characteristics of street style?

What do you need to achieve a street style? First, you must know a little about the characteristics of this style. Street style is a way of dressing that can express the personality of each one. In addition, it is a very comfortable and versatile style. In it, there is no gender distinction. It is also known as a youthful style that allows you to mix different brands, colors, and accessories. The garments must be resistant and suitable for constant movement without losing our style. A perfect option to carry a street style is EGOPROOF garments!

What Does Streetwear Style Consist of?

Before knowing what you need to achieve a street style, let's see the styles you can find in street fashion since this style consists of several styles.



The Trendy style follows fashions from the first minute and creates new trends. People who risk and combine get one step ahead. They must always be alert to new colors, fabrics, and shapes. It is one of the most complex urban fashion styles. In addition, they all get on prints, but the animal print stands out.




Street style involves sportswear and athleisure style being a comfortable style. The sports garments we see in streetwear have one or two flat or neutral colors. Also, the culture of fitness propitiates that you dress in yoga pants and stylish hoods on the street. Thus it is demonstrated that both are united and can be a look to take to the gym and the city.



In fashion, it requires effort to be stylish. The casual style is like that. It is not formal, but neither is it disheveled. Ripped jeans are the hallmark of this style, as are white t-shirts. You can mix them with more loose ones, such as those in EGOPROOF.



The hipster style gets something difficult: being vintage and fashion-forward. Mixing the past with the present in a recognizable style is a feat. It would help if you were not afraid to innovate or search for second-hand garments in old stores. And although the look may seem careless, it is careful to the millimeter. What you always have to have is a touch of elegance. Polka dots, pasta glasses, and skinny pants are clear hipster identities. When you wear an urban hipster style, you can add several accessories such as glasses, scarves, et cetera.

What are the types of urban fashion?

Street fashion mixes many styles, it's true. When asking yourself, ‘what do you need to achieve a street style?,' you should consider that it is a mix of many styles, but harmoniously. Even so, there are also urban fashion types. They are based on some groups of music that people listen to. Let's see.




Streetwear combines rap culture, hip-hop followers, surfers, and skaters. It is an informal look where oversized clothing predominates hooded sweatshirts, skinny pants, high sports shoes, and fun prints.



The urban rocker style takes inspiration from Elvis Presley's mythical style and stands out for the predominance of leather. His followers wear jackets with studs or sequins, skinny pants, asymmetric t-shirts, transparencies, original hats, et cetera.



The urban style of the Chainsmokers arose from the style of these guys. This style includes straight-cutting jeans, classic and original shirts, or sweatshirts.


What do you need for streetwear?


What do you need to achieve a street style? Now it is time to see what essential elements you need to carry the correct streetwear!




What do you need to achieve a street style? Hoodie is one of the main garments you need in a street style. They are comfortable garments, ideal for the coldest days, and provide a unique, fresh, and relaxed style to your look. You can combine hoodies with jeans and tennis and show your socks to achieve a perfect street look. In addition, add some accessories, and voila!




Like the Hoodies, the jackets are a great plus to your street looks. They can be denim jackets, leather, or the one you prefer. The important thing is that you can have at least one or two jackets in your closet since they are a garment that contributes many styles and is also very useful.




What do you need to achieve a street style? Without a doubt, you need oversized shirts. The oversized shirts are comfortable and add an extra touch to your street style. Do you not have ideal oversized shirts? In EGOPROOF, you get them! We have novel designs and perfect colors in the urban style. With EGOPROOF, you can wear street fashion that positively impacts your life.



The pants are essential in streetwear. Be it jeans, cargo, joggers, et cetera. Any pants style adds a touch that raises your urban style.




What do you need to achieve a street style? Of course, footwear is essential in a look in addition to clothing and accessories. Additionally, fashion outfits, sports shoes, tennis, and boots are a priority in street fashion outfits. They can be neutral or not shoes, with decorations or not, but always try to wear sports shoes when it comes to street fashion.


What do you need to achieve a street style? Urban fashion is a trend that is easy to follow. Only its basic characteristics are needed, and choosing the combination that suits your personality. In addition, we must remember that it is a trend that seeks to highlight our individuality. It demonstrates that comfort is not at odds with style. If street fashion fits your tastes and lifestyle, you can start dressing in urban fashion with EGOPROOF . We have garments perfect due to the comfort and style they bring to your outfit. See you in the next blog!

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